More than 280 Stolen Campers Found by Police

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Stolen camper vans to the value of 11 million euros were recovered

The vehicles had a total value of 11 million euros …

More than 280 stolen campers were found in recent weeks, announced on Wednesday at Coutances (Manche) . “This is the largest amount ever stolen vehicles discovered in France in the same criminal transaction,” said the prosecutor, Renaud Gaudeul.  These campers, recovered since March 29, have a total value of nearly 11 million Euros.

Thirty people are in custody in this case, some linked in a network and some individuals who do not necessarily know each other, said Renaud Gaudeul, but seem to use the same process of obtaining them..

Congratulations to Bernard Cazeneuve

The common feature of these vehicles, it is the method in which they were stolen. The perpetrators were buying older camper vans and used the registration certificate to obtain papers for the camper stolen via a false certificate, that is to say a conversion to a van motorhome.

The starting point of the investigation was when four campers were caught whilst trying to cross the Channel, and the paperwork was scrutinised.  But it’s a search in the Eure for another unrelated matter that put the police on the trail of this particular method of theft.  Investigators found a camper with a false certificate.  The police then identified all French vehicles that had similar certificates of conversion issued  and have identified more than 630 suspected individual campers. All “in four months,” said the prosecutor. An operation that earned the congratulations of Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

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