Nantes: Burglars had the TV in their Hands

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In Nantes, Burglars had TV in their hands

Two young men were arrested red handed on Tuesday night in Nantes, as they came out of a house. The witness who gave the alert has been slapped.

Night had already fallen on Tuesday evening at 7pm, at route de la Chapelle-sur-Erdre in Nantes. A woman saw two men climbing over the wall of a house, with a TV and a heavy bag filled well. She calls the police.

A patrol of the anti-crime brigade which was not far away, arrived quickly. They arrested the two suspects. But the witness that gave the alert had been spotted by the suspects and was slapped in the face by one of them.

 The two alleged burglars were taken into custody. Well known to the police, they are between 16 and 18 year old.

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