Stolen Credit Cards: Four People Arrested in Nantes

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Gang that stole Credit cards Caught in Nantes

They raged for a month and a half, three men and a woman were arrested at McDonald’s Commerce Square in Nantes, for credit card theft.

Three men and a woman had been spotted in recent weeks by police. Yesterday at 12: 45 pm, they were stopped at McDonald’s in Commerce square in Nantes as they prepared, in all likelihood to commit a new offence.

Between the four members, aged 33-41 years, roles were well defined. One of them placed in a waiting queue behind a victim, and saw it dial the secret code of his bank card. He communicated by SMS to the other three, which then gave way to pocketing the wallet of the victim.

The theft of the credit cards have been taking place over the last six weeks in and around McDonald’s.  Investigators estimate that the amount stolen from the cards over this period is around 3000 euros.

The quartet was placed in custody and will be presented to a prosecutor’s judge on Saturday.

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