In Jail Because of a Selfie

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Man arrested in the town of Rochefort
Man arrested in the town of Rochefort
The city of Rochefort. – Google Maps

In Rochefort, an individual was spotted by police through a selfie made ​​with a stolen phone …

He did not know the smartphone, unaware that it sent photos directly to the computer of the victim.  A man of 22 years has ended up in jail because of a selfie, says le Sud ouest  Newspaper.

Aggression in a kebab

The case began on July 31, in a kebab restuarant in Rochefort, Charente-Maritime.  During a lunch with a friend, a young man is attacked by a dozen individuals who steal his mobile phone.  To be clever, one of the robbers took a picture with the smartphone.  Unknown to the thief, the photo is automatically backed up to the victims online account which notifies him of the photo.  The victim then informs the police and shows them the photo.

The man is known to police.  He is wanted for other related crimes.  He was arrested Monday in Rochefort, in possession of the phone, by a police patrol.

Sentenced to 31 months in prison

Last Wednesday, the individual was sentenced to 31 months in prison: a sentence that matches all the previous judgments. he will also be tried later for the case of laptop theft.

The investigation continues in search of accomplices.

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