Mail Thieves Rampant in Rennes

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There has been three incidents in Rennes since the beginning of the year, of Bikes of postman stolen.

During their rounds, three postman of Rennes were robbed of their bikes since the beginning of the year, with all the mail it contained.

Every day, sixty five postal workers deliver through the streets on their bicycles to deliver mail for Rennes. About 20 kg of various letters and folds, carried in saddlebags.

Mail or bike thief?

Regularly, during their round, the postal worker must enter a building lobby or go up one floor to deliver a recorded delivery, requiring a signature, leaving the bike unattended. This is the moment when the thieves strike.  At first an electric bike was stolen at the beginning of the year, only the mail was found.  In March, two more bicycles were stolen. This time the letters was not recovered.

The director of the Post has no explanation for these. “You can not link between the three.  The last two acts, it seems that they might be targeting the post, although the bike was probably the main target of the theft … Maybe it is just a malicious acts.  We complain systematically and report the thefts”.  “Those who expected a letter, or sent a registered letter are warned to check it has arrived”.   Unfortunately, for the simple letters, there is no way of tracking the item, so you will need to ask the recipitent if they have received it.  If people are worried or concern, then they can contact the helpline by phone on 3631 for further information.

The management of La Poste would also like to add that acts of theft like these are not normal, with a daily 65 rounds, there has only been 3 thefts since the beginning of the year, which remains marginal.

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