Anti-poverty associations fear the return of the homeless to the streets after the end of the trêve hivernale, in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic.

Faced with Coronavirus, the Restos du Coeur ask to Postpone the End of the Trêve Hivernale

Restos du Coeur and other anti-poverty associations are concerned about the poorest returning to the streets on March 31st in the context of the spread of the coronavirus. Are the homeless the great forgotten in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus? While they belong to the category of the most fragile people, there has been little question of […]

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Restos du Coeur still missing volunteers for national collection

Restos du Coeur: 1000 Volunteers Still Missing for the National Collection of March 8th and 9th

On March 8th and 9th, 2019, 77,000 volunteers will collect food and hygiene products in the stores for the Restos du Coeur. But they still lacks arms! The equation is simple: more volunteers = more stores covered = more food collected. In anticipation of their big national collection, the Restos du Cœur are still looking for volunteers. The […]

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latest single by Les Enfoires called Liberte

Music: Les Enfoirés – Liberté

The latest single for les Enfoirés has been released called ‘Liberté’.  It is based on a poem by Paul Eluard with the music by Richard Mortier & Marc Lavoine. A l’occasion des 30 ans des Restos du Cœur, 50 artistes ont participé à l’enregistrement de cette chanson notamment Louane, Kendji, Vanessa Paradis, Francis Cabrel ou encore Sophie […]

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