Restos du Coeur: 1000 Volunteers Still Missing for the National Collection of March 8th and 9th

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Restos du Coeur still missing volunteers for national collection

On March 8th and 9th, 2019, 77,000 volunteers will collect food and hygiene products in the stores for the Restos du Coeur. But they still lacks arms!

The equation is simple: more volunteers = more stores covered = more food collected. In anticipation of their big national collection, the Restos du Cœur are still looking for volunteers.

The principle: to be available all or part of Friday 8 and Saturday 9 March and join a team that will collect food and hygiene products in hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Currently, there are still 1,000 pairs of arms missing .

Goal: 8,000 tons!

The organization of the national collection of restaurants requires several months of preparation: prospecting stores, forecasting the necessary logistics (truck and storage), communication and especially recruiting a maximum of volunteers to cover a maximum of stores.

In 2018, thanks to the 77,000 volunteers who participated (the 72,000 regular Eating and 5,000 in the general public), 7,877 tonnes of products were collected, representing more than 7.8 million additional meals .

The challenge this year is to exceed 8,000 tons .

How to help?

You want to offer a little of your time, you can become a volunteer for a day , a few hours in the store. On the menu: reception and distribution of pamphlets at the entrance of the store and / or recovery of products at checkout.

To become a volunteer for a day, simply fill out a form on the Restos du Coeur website .

Are you under 18? You can also volunteer, just be accompanied by a parent.

You can also become a volunteer team leader  : by setting up your own team, you can take charge of the collection in a department store. After attending an information meeting with confirmed Restos volunteers, you will then be in charge of the organisation of the collection from A to Z (team constitution, establishment of a schedule, contact the store, manage the volunteers D-day…).

The products collected

The needs of the Restaurants concern non perishable food products. Here is what is missing most: canned meat and fish, canned vegetables, rice, pulses, canned fruit, canned fruits, jams, compotes, chocolate, biscuits, milk, food supplements (oil, sugar, coffee, flour…).
It is also an opportunity to collect hygiene products (soaps, shower gel and shampoo, feminine hygiene, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste) and baby products (baby formula, diapers and hygiene products …) .

Need all year round

These food and hygiene products allow a distribution all year long and allow above all to diversify the food for the people welcomed at the Restos, specifies the national headquarters of the Restos.

“From now on, we ensure distribution throughout the year and we welcome as many beneficiaries in summer as in winter.”

The two-day collection brings together 1/4 of all the annual food donations made to the restaurants, “which is particularly effective”.

To date, about half of the national stores are covered, leaving room for further opportunities.

“The fundraising is above all a moment of sharing and generosity, between Eating volunteers, one-day volunteers, store teams and individual donors. This volunteering also responds to the crisis of the social bond we are experiencing today.”

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