Fifty Yellow Vests filtered trucks on Thursday 21st February in Cholet

Cholet: An Action of Yellow Vests in the Zone du Cormier

About fifty protesters have filtered a few trucks circulating in the industrial area of ​​Cormier, southwest of Cholet, during the night of Thursday 21st to Friday 22nd February. They stayed up all night. Yellow vests filtered, Thursday 21st February, from 9pm, entries and exits of heavy trucks, in the industrial area of ​​Cormier, Cholet ( […]

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New mobilization of "yellow vests", February 17, 2019 on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

Yellow Vests Again in the Streets of Paris this Sunday, All Calm

The Yellow Vests were again mobilized in Paris, Sunday 17th February. Between 1000 and 2000 protesters took part, in peace. Between 1000 and 2000 yellow vests paraded Sunday in peace in Paris after the act 14 and three months to the day after the beginning of the movement, have found journalists from AFP. Leaving the Champs-Elysees around noon , the demonstrators […]

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700 yellow vests were in Rouen today, the lowest since the start

700 Yellow Vests in Rouen: The Weakest Mobilisation Since the Beginning of the Protest

We have seen the colours of smoke, party favours, and some stones fly to the security forces for a good part of the day. The situation became more tense in the late afternoon, when demonstrators managed to approach the regional prefecture. Barely more than 700 yellow vests in Rouen at the height of the demonstration this […]

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Protester seriously inkured in yellow vests protest in Paris

Yellow Vests Act XIII: A Demonstrator Seriously Injured in Paris

A protester was seriously wounded in Act XIII of the yellow vests in Paris. His hand was torn off as the procession was in front of the National Assembly. The Yellow Vests have begun their act XIII  Saturday 9th February, 2018. According to the first figures given by the Ministry of the Interior, 12 100 demonstrators were gathered at 2pm […]

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The Yellow Vests parade in the city center of Nantes this Saturday

Nantes: Yellow Vests Demonstrate for the 13th Consecutive Saturday

This Saturday 9th February, the Yellow Vests were demonstrating in the city centre of Nantes for the 13th weekend in a row. At the height of the afternoon, there were a thousand. Weekends follow and look alike. This Saturday 9th February, in Nantes, Yellow Vests stroll into the city centre, for what they call “act 13” . The procession set out […]

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Although fewer in numbers than previous weeks, Yellow Vests still protested in Chateaubriant for the 13th Week

Yellow Vests: Fifteen Protesters in Châteaubriant this Saturday 9th February

MOBILISATION: Although fewer in numbers than previous weeks, Yellow Vests still protested in Chateaubriant for the 13th Week This Saturday 9th February, 2019, the first weekend of the holidays, the yellow vests were a little less numerous (about ten around noon and fifteen at 4pm) on the roundabout near Leclerc Chateaubriant they occupy every Saturday […]

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Manifestation of "yellow vests", Lille, January 3, 2019.

Yellow Vests Return to the Streets to Challenge the Government

Toulouse, Bordeaux, Rouen, Paris … For Act VIII of the movement, yellow vests must gather in several cities. Will they be able to mobilise at the beginning of January? After the arrest of one of their media figures, Eric Drouet , the Yellow Vests call Saturday, January 5 for an eighth day of national action to revive their movement and challenge the […]

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Eric Drouet, accompanied by his lawyer, leaves his custody Paris, January 3, 2018.

Eric Drouet Denounces a “Political” Arrest, the Yellow Vests Prepare for Act VIII

After the arrest of Eric Drouet, the Facebook group “La France en colère” broadcast Thursday an open letter to Emmanuel Macron which will be read Saturday during the demonstrations. The media and controversial “yellow vest” Eric Drouet denounced a “political” arrest, leaving a police custody that provoked indignation , two days before an eighth Saturday of demonstrations in France. Arrested Wednesday evening near the […]

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A Yellow vest killed by a truck in Avignon

A Yellow Vest Killed after Being hit by a Truck in Avignon

A 23-year-old Yellow Vest was killed in the night from Wednesday to Thursday after being hit by a truck at a roundabout in Avignon. A yellow Vest was killed in the night from Wednesday to Thursday after being hit by a truck at a roundabout near a motorway exit in Avignon (Vaucluse), said the floor. “The driver of the truck was […]

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What are the consequences of the fuel protests on the 17th November

Fuel Increase: What are You Risking to Participate in the November 17th Demonstration?

Saturday 17th November, the French are called to mobilise against rising fuel. But as in all events, rules must be respected. We take stock. Difficult to predict the mobilization. But the protest against rising fuel, scheduled for Saturday 17th November, has achieved its first bet: extend to the whole country. Hundreds of calls for mobilisation More than 350 blocking calls and […]

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