United States: Violence on Capitol Hill, Trump Calls on Supporters to “Go Home”, Biden Denounces “Insurgency”

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Donald Trump called on his supporters to "go home" after several hundred of them invaded the seat of Congress.

PROTESTS: Hundreds of demonstrators favourable to President Donald Trump invaded the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday in an insurrectionary climate, interrupting the session of Congress which was to confirm the victory of Joe Biden

In a serious speech on Wednesday, the next Democratic President Joe Biden denounced an “unprecedented” attack on American democracy. He called on Donald Trump to speak “immediately” on television to demand “the end of the siege” of the Capitol and denounce this “insurgency”.

In a series of tweets, Donald Trump asked his supporters to steer clear of the violence, before finally asking them, in a short video, to “go home”. Members of the National Guard have been sent to Washington where Mayor Muriel Bowser has imposed a curfew starting at 6 p.m. “We are taking over the House,” “this is our parliament,” an anonymous protester told AFP, in scenes of chaos that seemed unimaginable within the world’s leading power.

“Shameful scenes”

These images sparked outrage around the world. Berlin called on pro-Trump to “stop trampling on democracy.” London denounces “shameful scenes”. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg denounced “shocking scenes”, insisting that the result of this democratic election should be “respected”.

Violence on Capitol Hill in Washington by Donald Trump supporters
Violence on Capitol Hill in Washington by Donald Trump supporters – AFP

Shortly after the end of a particularly virulent speech by Donald Trump denouncing “rigged” elections and promising never to concede defeat, some of his supporters entered the famous building housing the Senate and the House of Representatives.

A woman was shot and wounded inside the Capitol, according to several American media. Police used tear gas in an attempt to evacuate pro-Trump protesters who invaded the stage set up for Joe Biden’s swearing-in on January 20th.

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