Milk crisis continues with the producers out in protest in Cotes d'Armor

Milk crisis: Breeders show their Anger in the Cotes d’Armor

The price of milk has dropped significantly in recent months. While the agricultural show in full swing now in Paris, the producers of Cotes d’Armor in anger began to punch action in the Cotes d’Armor. Events are currently pending before several hypermarkets in the department. Especially in Guingamp, Dinan and Lamballe. The protests began Sunday […]

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Negotiations resumes to try and resolve the milk crisis

Milk Crisis: Negoitiations Resumes in Laval

Negotiations between milk producer organisations and Lactalis, on milk prices have resumed today, Tuesday shortly after 7am in the prefecture of Mayenne in Laval… After failed negotiations opened on Thursday in Paris and Friday in Laval, a third meeting was initiated between the parties to attempt a resolution of the conflict on the price that […]

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An agreement has been reached to resolve the Milk Crisis

Milk Crisis. Lactalis and Producers have reached an Agreement

On Monday, the FNSEA had increased the pressure on the dairy group Lactalis, and a resumption of negotiations on the milk purchase price was set Tuesday morning. These discussions eventually led to an agreement between Lactalis and dairy farmers.  Actions by farmers has ended. Two rounds of talks held with Lactalis last week had ended […]

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The milk crisis protests continue with 100 farmers outside the Lactalis factory in Normandy

Milk Crisis: 100 Farmers Gathered in front Graindorge in Livarot

About a hundred farmers held a meeting on Monday night before the Graindorge Livarot cheese, bought recently by Lactalis, to denounce the low milk purchase price by the group. “Our goal is clearly to touch the symbol of what is Lactalis.” The event which began on Monday night around 9pm before the cheese factory at […]

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The mayors of the Mayenne are sounding their concern with the Milk Crisis

Milk Crisis: The Mayors of Mayenne Sounding the Alarm

Sunday, August 28, at 8.15pm, nine mayors of the department met with Frédéric calves, Prefect of Mayenne, to express their concern about the crisis facing farmers. The meeting was decided in Sunday. Around Alain Dilis, president of the Association of Mayors of Mayenne and mayor of Saint-Germain-de-Coulamer they are eight to have made the trip […]

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Milk Producers of the Mayenne are increasing the pressure at the Lactilis Plant in Laval

Milk producers: The Calm Before the Storm in Laval?

This Thursday, August 25, day of trading in Paris on milk prices, farmers have kept the pressure before the Lactalis Laval plant. 300 tractors are expected from 8pm. Does the pressure will go up? The day was pretty quiet outside the headquarters of Lactalis. Today the farmers from the Sarthe, in northern France, Calvados and […]

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Traffic disruption this morning north of Laval by Milk Producers

Milk Crisis. Traffic Stopped in Both Directions, North of Laval

Following the Protest of milk producers, who are currently camped on the roundabout opposite the Lactalis factory, traffic is stopped in both directions, between the interchange and the Ampere Niafles roundabout (opposite Decathlon). Following the social movement of milk producers, who  camped currently on the roundabout opposite the Lactalis factory, traffic is stopped in both directions […]

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French Milk Producers want an increase in the Milk Price

Milk Crisis: The breeders Add Pressure, Lactalis Calls for Calm

At the call of the FNSEA, hundreds of milk producers from Brittany, Normandy and Loire Valley converge on Monday to Laval and to the seat of Lactalis (Bridel, President, Lactel, Celia). They mean by this blockade for a revaluation to 340 € per 1,000 litres milk … Monday night, in Laval, several hundred farmers will […]

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