Milk Crisis: Negoitiations Resumes in Laval

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Negotiations resumes to try and resolve the milk crisis

Negotiations between milk producer organisations and Lactalis, on milk prices have resumed today, Tuesday shortly after 7am in the prefecture of Mayenne in Laval…

After failed negotiations opened on Thursday in Paris and Friday in Laval, a third meeting was initiated between the parties to attempt a resolution of the conflict on the price that opposes milk giant French producers since one week.

The meeting in Laval was attended by three representatives of Lactalis whose spokesman Lactalis group, Michel Nalet, five representatives of producers whose Sébastien Amand, vice president of the Organization of producers Normandy Centre, Jean-Michel Yvard the great West and the prefect of Mayenne Frederic Veaux.

National actions against Lactalis sites started Monday afternoon and continued into the night of Monday to Tuesday the call of the FNSEA , the first agricultural union to put pressure on negotiations. These actions were accompanied by consumer education operations.

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