Milk Crisis: The Mayors of Mayenne Sounding the Alarm

Local News
The mayors of the Mayenne are sounding their concern with the Milk Crisis

Sunday, August 28, at 8.15pm, nine mayors of the department met with Frédéric calves, Prefect of Mayenne, to express their concern about the crisis facing farmers.

The meeting was decided in Sunday. Around Alain Dilis, president of the Association of Mayors of Mayenne and mayor of Saint-Germain-de-Coulamer they are eight to have made the trip to the Prefecture in Laval. Including the mayors of Torcé-Viviers-en-Charnie, Quelaines-Saint-Gault, Parigné-sur-Braye, Evron, Aron, and Grazay Ize.

During the meeting, which began around 8.15pm, with the prefect Frederic Veaux, they expressed their deep concern about the plight of farmers and  ‘their despair, “ a number of them.

In a statement, the delegation affirms its support “for urgent and collective mobilisation of all without outbursts of violence, with the prospect that prices are set and enable farmers to earn a decent living from their work, that stops the regulatory overbidding . Faced with this human distress, mayors blow the whistle “ .

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