Milk Crisis: The breeders Add Pressure, Lactalis Calls for Calm

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French Milk Producers want an increase in the Milk Price

At the call of the FNSEA, hundreds of milk producers from Brittany, Normandy and Loire Valley converge on Monday to Laval and to the seat of Lactalis (Bridel, President, Lactel, Celia). They mean by this blockade for a revaluation to 340 € per 1,000 litres milk …

Monday night, in Laval, several hundred farmers will besiege buildings Lactalis group. Why ? FNSEA accuses the world leader in dairy products to pull prices down in an already difficult market for farmers. The announcement for the summer a milk price of 257 € per 1000 litres, when the producers feel they need € 340 to generate income, set fire to the powder.

The union warned. Breeders arrive with enough for camping. For the FNSEA is also the opportunity to make a show of force. The conflict was exacerbated by an interview allegedly refused to Lactalis chairman of agricultural union. “With the backing milk producers from across the West and beyond, we can take over a week, day and night, ” says Philippe Jehan, the fiery president of the FDSEA Mayenne.

Appeal for Calm

This morning the dairy group Lactalis called for calm. “We expect that this event is happening in quiet, in respect of goods and people, and there is no overflow,” said the micro of France Inter Michel Nalet, spokesman of the company.

Lactalis is ready producer organizations to discuss with them in milk prices, said Mr Nalet. “As regards the FNSEA and the NPFL (branch” milk “the majority farmers’ union, ed) that requested go to our president, we said of course we are willing to discuss with them ” , he added. ” But we can not both wage war and make a blockade (…) and stigmatizing our group and ask to get around the table ” , noted Mr. Nalet.

“The group is well aware of the difficulties facing producers today” , has also advanced the spokesman for Lactalis.


But, he noted, “it’s not because the company can be considered a company that is doing well and growing that we can relieve us of the reality of our market” .

“The French prices can not be lowered to that of our European competitors, said Michel Nalet. But d ince year, the price paid to French producers are on average 15  % higher. This summer, it came down to 235 € 1 000 liters in Germany and the Netherlands.

The French manufacturer claims to have made an effort to EUR 75 million last year.

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