Milk Crisis: 100 Farmers Gathered in front Graindorge in Livarot

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The milk crisis protests continue with 100 farmers outside the Lactalis factory in Normandy

About a hundred farmers held a meeting on Monday night before the Graindorge Livarot cheese, bought recently by Lactalis, to denounce the low milk purchase price by the group.

“Our goal is clearly to touch the symbol of what is Lactalis.” The event which began on Monday night around 9pm before the cheese factory at Graindorge Livarot, recently acquired by the Lactalis Group aims to “blocking the site,” explains Pierre Le Baillif, President of the Young farmers of Normandy. “Milk is already so cheap that we do not want to risk reprisals collection stops. “

100 farmers protest over the price of milk in Normandy

The meeting that lasted most of the night, the call of the FNSEA and Young Farmers, was intended to put pressure on the first French dairy group before new negotiations the price of milk, due to resume on Tuesday.

Cascade effect

When he addressed the hundreds of farmers in the Orne, Calvados and Eure present to 11 pm, the President of the FDSEA14 Patrice Plaistow, recalled why lactalis was a symbol:

“We can not imagine that this group grows as much without thinking of the raw material producers”, denounces there before concluding: “If Lactalis revalues the price of milk, it will have a cascading effect on other operators. ” 

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