Milk crisis: Breeders show their Anger in the Cotes d’Armor

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Milk crisis continues with the producers out in protest in Cotes d'Armor

The price of milk has dropped significantly in recent months. While the agricultural show in full swing now in Paris, the producers of Cotes d’Armor in anger began to punch action in the Cotes d’Armor. Events are currently pending before several hypermarkets in the department. Especially in Guingamp, Dinan and Lamballe. The protests began Sunday night in Lannion.

There is anger in dairy farms of Cotes d’Armor. Dozens of farmers are in action on Monday to protest milk prices fall.

At Lamballe, the spilled milk

At Lamballe, close to Intermarché, tractors blocked a tank of Paysan Breton group that delivered milk. They also filtered access to the parking lot of the store.

Farmers protesting about the low milk price

The tractors were then blocked access to the store CULTIVERT subsidiary of Triskalia group, where they poured gallons of milk on the asphalt.

At Dinan, Lidl identified

Same action in Dinan, or three tankers of Laïta Malo and dairies were blocked. The farmers then blocked the entrances of the Carrefour Market Quévert then the Lidl store.

Trucks are being kept as hostage until negoitiations on milk prices

“Trucks were with us, we will keep them hostage until we get a response industrialists and leaders of supermarkets and hypermarkets (GMS)” , explains Antoine Boixière, representative of the milk section of the FDSEA 22.

Farmers protesting in Cotes d'Armor over low miilk prices

Where are the margins?

At Guingamp, protesters block the entrance of the parking at the Carrefour hypermarket to prevent access to customers. The owner of the store came out to exchange with farmers who demand greater transparency in pricing. They want to compare the purchase price by the cooperative Sodiaal store selling price to determine which grants the highest margin.

At 3.30pm, farmers left the scene after emptying a dumpster tires and other waste in the parking garage of the supermarket. They have also emptied the contents of the trailer of a truck stopped on the noon blows to the cooperative Sodiaal, the industrial area of ​​Bellevue in Saint-Agathon.

During the blockade, farmers shared with the director of the Carrefour and a director of the cooperative Sodiaal. The exchanges have proven at times, muscled between producers and the leader of the Distribution.

An interview with the prefect?

The movement began on Sunday evening in Lannion. In the parking lot of the Giant store, farmers dumped and burned pallets, tires and manure. FDSEA requested an interview with the prefect of the Cotes d’Armor to take stock of the negotiations with industry.

A suicide last week

These actions remind those of last year. Farm movement, especially among pig farmers had started in the Cotes d’Armor. In 2017 the beginning is the dairy industry that is affected by a fall in prices.  Only a few days ago a farmer commited suidice, blaming the financial pressures due to the low milk prices

“The Casino and Carrefour stores are ready to sign our milk to pay 8-12% cheaper. It is out of the question, we were already dying in 2016! Why drop when there is a shortage of milk and demand? Jean-Marc Lohier storm and responsible breeder FDSEA Plouaret sector.

He recalled that in 2014, milk was paid € 340 / tonne. “End 2016 it was already only 270 €, while the production cost is between 325 and 340 €. ” The milk producers, supported by other sectors, claim that ” the cost of production is taken into account, as stated in the Sapin Act 2. “

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