The number of new coronavirus cases in 24 hours exceeds 30,000 for the first time

Coronavirus: The Number of New Cases in 24 Hours Exceeds 30,000 for the First Time

EPIDEMIC: The coronavirus epidemic continues to rise in France, while the government has just announced a set of restrictive measures to curb it The Covid-19 indicators worsened further this Thursday with more than 30,000 new cases of contamination in 24 hours, a record number, and daily admissions in intensive care which continue to increase, according to figures from Public Health France. […]

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Caregivers are standing by if the second wave of coronavirus, which they dread, hits.

Coronavirus: “We will be Ready if there is a Second Wave, but we are Angry”, Confide Caregivers

RISK: Caregivers tell of their fears about a second wave of coronavirus which could break out soon across France While new Covid-19 contaminations start to rise again in August, many caregivers fear an imminent second wave. Some think that the hospital will be able to cope with it, while others are still suffering from their experience […]

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The Coronavirus Covid-19 continues to make victims in France, less than two weeks from the deconfinement

24,087 Deaths due to Coronavirus, 26,834 Patients still HospitaliSed… The Results in France

The coronavirus continues to spread over the territory, less than 15 days from containment. France has 26,834 people still hospitalized and 7,303 cases in intensive care. Despite a slow decline observed for more than two weeks now, there is no question of resting on its laurels concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, warned on Tuesday 28th April 2020 Prime Minister […]

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The decline in the number of people in intensive care continues in France.

20,796 Deaths, 13th Day of Recession: Update on the Coronavirus Epidemic in France

The Director-General of Health Jérôme Salomon said Tuesday 21st April 2020 that the number of people in serious condition fell for the 13th consecutive day. “The circulation of the coronavirus remains at a high level. we must, therefore, remain fully mobilized, ”said Tuesday 21st April 2020 Director-General of Health Jérôme Salomon during his daily press briefing. This is reflected in […]

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France is close to the symbolic figure of 20,000 dead since the start of the coronavirus epidemic

19,718 Deaths, Admissions Down: Figures for the Coronavirus Epidemic in France

The coronavirus epidemic seems to have slowed down in France for eleven days. But there are still 395 additional deaths in the past 24 hours. Jérôme Salomon, Director General of Health, presented the figures for the coronavirus epidemic which affects France. Here’s what to remember this Sunday 19th April 2020:  19,718: the number of deaths in […]

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19,323 dead, 642 in the last 24 hours: figures for the coronavirus epidemic in France

19,323 Deaths, 642 in the Last 24 Hours: Figures for the Coronavirus Epidemic in France

The coronavirus epidemic has claimed almost 20,000 lives in France. For the past ten days, the trend has been downward in intensive care services. Like every day, Santé Publique France presented the figures for the coronavirus epidemic affecting France. Here’s what to remember this Saturday 18th April 2020: 19,323: the number of deaths in France since […]

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In this fourth week of confinement, the number of deaths linked to Covid-19 continues to increase in France.

Covid-19: 18,681 Deaths in Total, 6,027 Serious Patients… Update on the Situation in France

The coronavirus continues to claim victims in France. The health authorities note however a negative balance of hospital patients for the 9th consecutive day. According to the latest report from the health authorities, this Friday, April 17, 2020, 18,681 people have died from the coronavirus since the beginning of March, that is 7,203 in nursing homes and 11,478 […]

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There is 17,920 deaths from Coronavirus Covid-19 in France

Coronavirus Covid-19: 17,920 Deaths Since March 1st in France, update this Thursday

Health officials in France have announced the deaths of an additional 753 people in the last 24 hours of Coronavirus Covid-19. What is the coronavirus epidemic in France on Thursday 16th April 16, 2020? In a new update, Professor Jérôme Salomon announced a total of 753 new deaths related to Covid-19 since the last health check on Wednesday. Since the start […]

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Caregivers at the Georges Pompidou hospital, April 15, 2020 in Paris

Covid-19: The Number of Hospitalised Patients Drops for the First Time in France

The slight improvement in hospitals seems to be confirmed this Thursday 16th April 2020. But scientists remain cautious about the evolution of the epidemic on French soil, however. The decline in the number of hospitalizations due to coronavirus in France for the first time since the beginning of the containment entered Thursday in its 31st day, raises hopes, within one month of the easing of […]

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There are 17,167 deaths in France from the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic

Coronavirus Covid-19: 17,167 Deaths in France, more than 31,000 People Hospitalised… the Results of this Wednesday

More than 1,400 additional people died from Coronavirus Covid-19 according to the latest report from health authorities, Wednesday 15th April 2020. In a new update, the Director-General of Health Jérôme Salomon drew up the health report for Wednesday 15th April, compared to the report from the previous day. Since the start of the coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic, France […]

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