Coronavirus: 379 Deaths in 24 Hours in France

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Coronavirus: 379 deaths in 24 hours in France

EPIDEMIC: The number of deaths from Coronavirus Covid-19, like that of ICU admissions, is on the rise

In twenty-four hours, 379 coronavirus patients died in hospital, according to data from Sante publique France  released on Monday. A rising figure, like that of patients admitted to intensive care, which has risen above the 3,500 mark. Nearly 87,000 people sick with coronavirus Covid-19 have died since the start of the epidemic, about a year ago.

With 3,544 people treated in its intensive care units, reserved for the most serious cases, including 347 received during the last twenty-four hours, the level of occupation is similar to that of early December, at the end of the second epidemic wave of coronavirus Covid-19.

More than 25,400 people hospitalised

But this level remains far from the peak of the second wave of autumn (4,900) and, above all, of the first wave in spring (7,000).

The total number of people hospitalised reached 25,430 on Monday, up from Sunday. While they had decreased at the beginning of February, the cases of contamination detected then started to rise again, reaching nearly 140,000 the week of February 15, against just under 130,000 the previous week, according to Health data. from Sante publique France.

Faced with the progression of the more contagious mutations of the coronavirus, the government has established localized containments on weekends on the entire coast of the Alpes-Maritimes and for the urban community of Dunkirk. It has also placed 20 departments, which notably cover Paris, Lyon and Marseille, under increased surveillance, with the possibility of taking the same measures there.

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