Labour law: Some Incidents and Demonstrations in Several Cities of France

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Demonstations throughout France against the use of the 49-3 to assist the passage of the labour Law

VIOLENCE Angry, thousands of people demonstrated Tuesday night in France against the use of 49-3 …

The use of 49-3 is an “insult to the people.”  The movement  #NuitDebout, angry after the forced passage of the bill by the Socialist government, has mobilized its troops on Tuesday evening.  Several thousand people gathered in France and expressed their discontent.

In Paris, they were 500, according to police, demonstrating outside the Assembly shouting  “Everybody F**k the 49-3”,  “true democracy, it is here,” or “National Assembly of capital Meeting” . Slogans such as “Free Parliament” or “Hollande resignation” were heard.  The demonstrators, who invaded the roadway, blocking traffic at 8.30pm on the Pont de la Concorde.  Dozens of police vehicles penned them in, denying them access to the Palais Bourbon.

Smoothly and throwing bottles at Caen, Nantes and Rennes

The appeal was heard in several cities of France. In the West, several tense demonstrations took place simultaneously, protesters specifically targeting the Socialist Party.  In Caen, a group of forty people was “trashed” the room of the Departmental Federation of the PS.

In Nantes, the first clashes have occurred around 9.30pm. Passing the town hall, which has a socialist majority, protesters daubed the facade and tried to break the windows. After throwing bottles directed to the police, the latter responded with tear gas. Demonstrators also threw trash on the gates of the Loire-Atlantique County Council, also socialist majority and tagged “49-3, provocative” on a wall.

In Rennes, more than 300 demonstrators marched in the streets of the historic centre, with the noise of pans and drums, as well as the demonstrators chanting: “It’s not the 49-3 that makes the law, true democracy, it is right here ! “. After a long game of cat and mouse with the police, with no real confrontation, they stopped to show around 11.30pm  and returned to the “People’s House”.

Local vandalized and broken windows in Lyon and Grenoble

In Lyon, they were 500 on the place Bellecour, opposite the Town Hall, some chanting “P and S as rotten as bas*****, down with the socialist party” or “Ça Va five minutes, now emerges.” Part of protesters then went to the Croix-Rousse degrade a local municipal police and ransacking a local PS.

In Grenoble, 500 people demonstrated in the city center, according to police, who reported “numerous incidents”, including smashed shop windows and six policemen injured by projectiles thrown. Police fired tear gas and made an arrest. Writing the Dauphiné Libéré was also the projectiles pelted, the newspaper said on its website.The event was finished around midnight.

Other demonstrations were attended between dozens and hundreds of people in Lille, Tours and Marseille.

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