Attention of ice and freezing fog in the Manche this morning

Weather Forecast: Watch Out for the Ice and Freezing Fog this Tuesday Morning in the Manche

After the scattering of low clouds and morning mists, the weather will be very pleasant this Tuesday 21st January in the Manche, with low temperatures but bright sunshine. Like yesterday, the weather looks very pleasant this Tuesday 21st January in the Manche. But the consequences of this clear sky is that it is cold … Close to 0 this morning, the temperatures should […]

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Freezing fog in the Seine et Marne

Seine et Marne: Watch Out for Freezing Fog near Melun

Freezing fogs near Melun in the Seine et Maine reduce visibility. Caution on the roads. This Wednesday 26th December, temperatures fell in Seine-et-Marne.  In Melun, it should not be more than 3 ° C today. Mists, sometimes frosty, have appeared.  [EN DIRECT] 09:13 #Melun – brouillard givrant visibilité 350m. #Météo77 #SeineetMarne. Risque d’impact sur #A6 #N104. Toute la […]

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Fog and wild boars have caused many accidents over the weekend in the Mayenne

Fog and Boars have been the Cause of Accidents in Mayenne

Beware of fog. It has been the cause of several accidents in Mayenne, especially with animals, this Saturday, 10thDecember and Sunday 11th … Fog and animals on the road have been the cause of many accidents in Mayenne this weekend of 10th and 11th December. Last Saturday at 6.48pm, a car slid on the road, […]

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Thick fog at Rennes Airport has once again disrupted many flights

Rennes Airport: The Fog Still Causes Disruption

Same as yesterday, Tuesday, thick fog patches have disrupted air traffic this morning at the Rennes airport of Saint-Jacques. Flights are delayed. A gradual return to normal is expected in the afternoon. Same scenario as yesterday at the Rennes Airport of Saint-Jacques.  A thick fog has invited early this morning in the sky the Rennes basin, […]

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Fog has distrupted flights at Rennes Airport

Rennes Airport: Traffic Disrupted by Thick Fog

Tuesday morning, the fog caused disruption in traffic from the Rennes airport of Saint-Jacques. Planes were diverted, others have been delayed by several hours … Air traffic has been disrupted this morning at Rennes airport, because of the thick fog. Several flights showed delays at departure and arrival. Some flights diverted Some planes were diverted, […]

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A foggy start in the Mayenne department

Weather in Mayenne: Some Fog Expected in the Morning

If the morning is grey with some fog, this Tuesday, 25th October, sun rays should break early in the afternoon on the department of Mayenne. Grey, and foggy. According to the forecast from Meteo France, the weather in Mayenne, on Tuesday, 25th October, in the morning, does not encourage you to get out of bed. […]

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