Fog and Boars have been the Cause of Accidents in Mayenne

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Fog and wild boars have caused many accidents over the weekend in the Mayenne

Beware of fog. It has been the cause of several accidents in Mayenne, especially with animals, this Saturday, 10thDecember and Sunday 11th …

Fog and animals on the road have been the cause of many accidents in Mayenne this weekend of 10th and 11th December.

Last Saturday at 6.48pm, a car slid on the road, at Huisserie, before hitting a fence and came to rest against a tree. The driver, a 20 year old man, was taken to hospital in Laval. This accident opened the closing of a field, allowing cows to run away on the road. They were recovered on Sunday morning.

At Bazouge-Montpinçon Saturday to 7.19pm, the driver of a car was in a ditch due to the presence of a thick fog. The occupants of the second car which went to the aid of the first car in order to remove them from the ditch, but they hit a deer and the car ended up on the roof.

At Saint-Denis d’Anjou, a driver of 22 years hit a boar on the secondary road, the D27, Saturday at 7.27pm. Shocked, she stopped two kilometers away, before calling the fire department.

At Saint-Loup-du-Dorat on the D24, on Saturday at 10.30pm, a driver of 45 years old hit a boar, before finishing up in a ditch.

At Chatelain, on the D589 on Sunday to 0.18am, a car made out of a road due to the presence of heavy fog and ended his short trip into a ditch. Two people were taken to hospital in Chateau-Gontier.

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