Strike at SNCF: Very Few Trains in Angouleme

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SNCF strike will cause distruption to TGV service in Angouleme

Due to a strike in the suburbs of Paris, only one TGV out of three will circulate Tuesday in all the west of the country. And it will last …

A new and challenging day in perspective for travellers who will take a TGV on Tuesday in Angouleme and all over western France. Like Monday, only one train out of three will circulate because of the strike of 200 maintenance agents in the suburbs of Paris, announced the SNCF.

“We will increase to 34 %” Tuesday with a “slight improvement” on the services of Bordeaux and Nantes, said SNCF, against 30% of high-speed trains that were in circulation during the school holidays.

A situation that could last until Sunday, almost all trains being announced full on the site of the SNCF. By the game of the payments of the customers have seen their train cancelled, the maintained journeys are not open for sale. For Tuesday, only one TGV is accessible, that of 7:46. Suffice to say that going to Paris at the last minute is the impossible mission during this week of Toussaint.

Localized strike in Hauts-de-Seine

The SNCF is forced to reduce the rate of its TGV Atlantique because of a movement initiated on October 21st by 200 agents of the Technicentre of Châtillon (Hauts-de-Seine), specialized in the daily maintenance of trains. This highly localized movement has a major impact given the Technicentre’s strategic role in the day-to-day operation of TGV Atlantique.

The head of TGV Atlantique, Gwendoline Cazenave, announced Sunday his “misunderstanding” against “a situation of extremism” that “penalizes customers” insofar as the object of the disagreement with the strikers, “a project of adjustment of their working conditions “, was ” withdrawn as of Tuesday”.

“Today, the demand of striking agents is the payment of strike days, and that is absolutely impossible. So we continue to work to increase the transport plan and, again, that customers can spend a quiet holiday and return from their vacation serenely, “ said Monday Gwendoline Cazenave during a press briefing at Montparnasse station.

As union-management negotiations continue, it is not excluded that a way out of the crisis will be found in the coming days. In such a case, the SNCF says, new tickets for TGVs are likely to appear on sale.

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