Weather Forecast: Watch Out for the Ice and Freezing Fog this Tuesday Morning in the Manche

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Attention of ice and freezing fog in the Manche this morning

After the scattering of low clouds and morning mists, the weather will be very pleasant this Tuesday 21st January in the Manche, with low temperatures but bright sunshine.

Like yesterday, the weather looks very pleasant this Tuesday 21st January in the MancheBut the consequences of this clear sky is that it is cold … Close to 0 this morning, the temperatures should not exceed 6 to 8 degrees during the day.

Meteo France Cherbourg, therefore, warns that patches of ice could form this Tuesday morning, as it did yesterday, in places where moisture will settle on the road. Even if the risks will be higher on the South Channel, “it will be necessary to be careful on the roads”.

The next days

This high pressure weather will not last. According to Météo France, the “Ekart” high pressure will move further north in Europe from Wednesday. Clouds will start to reappear in the Cotentin sky with “a little North-East wind”.

Worse, “the anticyclone will collapse next Sunday”, giving way “to a disturbed flow from the South West next week”.

Temperatures will go up but, felt, they will be less pleasant than the low temperatures of recent days

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