Heavy Rain and Freezing Fog

Heavy Rain and Freezing Fog 1

Icy, Foggy RoadsIts been a rough couple of days here weather wise, after having such mild weather for the time of the year.

Woke up on Friday morning to the sound of rain, which wasn’t a light shower but a heavy down pour.  So as you can guess, no market on Friday for us then.

Normally, this would be a day to stay in and keep dry and warm.  Unfortunately for me, I still had to take my one of my daughters to Lycee, in the morning, which with the amount of rain, made driving very unpleasant.  As the day continued, I was hoping that the rain would subside, but it never let up all day.

Foggy RoadsThis wasn’t the end of the driving for me though and as unpleasant and dangerous as it was I still had to collect my daughter and also take her to dancing.  At the same time that evening I also had to take my other daughter to and from a Christmas Concert in another village.  Eventually returning home around midnight, with the rain in full flow, I was glad to get in that evening.

Yesterday, the rain had subsided, thankfully, but the temperatures have now started to drop, to a lot cooler than we have been having recently.

Today, I woke up to thick fog and thick ice on the windscreen.  The photos probably don’t do it justice, but the fog really was thick, not at all patchy, but really thick.  It did start to lift this afternoon when the sun came out for a while but the temperatures soon plummeted by late afternoon and the thick fog returned as well.

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