Rennes Airport: The Fog Still Causes Disruption

Local News
Thick fog at Rennes Airport has once again disrupted many flights

Same as yesterday, Tuesday, thick fog patches have disrupted air traffic this morning at the Rennes airport of Saint-Jacques. Flights are delayed. A gradual return to normal is expected in the afternoon.

Same scenario as yesterday at the Rennes Airport of Saint-Jacques.  A thick fog has invited early this morning in the sky the Rennes basin, disrupting air traffic.

In the arrivals hall, show several flights are showing delays. That of Toulouse landed at 10.42am instead of 9.30am, its regular schedule. Delays are also advertised for flights from London, Lyon, Marseille, Paris.

Flights from Rennes also experience more or less significant delays, all being weather-related. The flight to London, scheduled at 10.05am, has been cancelled.

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