Do cyclists have to wear masks in open public areas -

Do Cyclists Have to Wear a Mask in Open Public Spaces? We Answer You

Masks are compulsory in closed public places, and now in certain open public places. As in Paris, since Monday 10th August, in certain areas of the capital. But our readers have questions about this obligation: does it also apply to cyclists? We will answer you. In order to fight against the spread of Covid-19 and to avoid a possible epidemic […]

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The gym of the Mayenne hospital for members of the Heart club

Mayenne: Second Edition of the “Course of the Heart” on Saturday

Public awareness of the benefits of exercise for those that face heart problems, is the goal of this event in the Mayenne Philip was 40 years old, a little too much cholesterol, some hereditary in the family and smoked. He was shopping in a supermarket. He felt immense fatigue to give up his truck to […]

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Rennes: The counter terrorism exercise has started 1

Rennes: The counter terrorism exercise has started

Since this morning, at 8.30am, the area around the Halls of Gabily and water sports centre are completely sealed off by the police. This is where there is to be held a large anti-terrorist exercise until mid-afternoon. “Only people with a special pass can enter the area,”  warns a municipal police officer, addressing the driver […]

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