Rennes: The counter terrorism exercise has started

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Rennes: The counter terrorism exercise has started 1

Since this morning, at 8.30am, the area around the Halls of Gabily and water sports centre are completely sealed off by the police. This is where there is to be held a large anti-terrorist exercise until mid-afternoon.

“Only people with a special pass can enter the area,”  warns a municipal police officer, addressing the driver of a vehicle in the city of Rennes who wanted to travel down rue Jean-Marie Huchet, in the area of the Plaine de Baud.

Since this morning, the area of the Exhibition halls of Gabily and the sailing centre to the east of Rennes, are completely cut off due to the anti-terrorist exercise taking place there.

 Nearly 300 people will attend, including students from nursing schools and students of the Saint-Malo police school, who will play the role of victims. They arrived this morning in small groups.

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