Do Cyclists Have to Wear a Mask in Open Public Spaces? We Answer You

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Do cyclists have to wear masks in open public areas -

Masks are compulsory in closed public places, and now in certain open public places. As in Paris, since Monday 10th August, in certain areas of the capital. But our readers have questions about this obligation: does it also apply to cyclists? We will answer you.

In order to fight against the spread of Covid-19 and to avoid a possible epidemic rebound, the wearing of a mask has been made compulsory in closed public places since July 20th. But some cities have also decided to extend this measure to open public spaces. Olivier Véran, Minister of Health and Solidarity, had announced it on July 31st: “The prefects will now be able by decree to extend the obligation to wear a mask to open public places. “

In Mayenne, a department particularly affected by the epidemic, a decree imposes the mask on the inhabitants of the 69 municipalities of the department. And this measure has also been implemented in certain areas of Toulouse, Rennes or even Paris. But do these measures also apply to cyclists, runners and motorists? We get back to you.

In Paris, the mask has been made compulsory since Monday 10th August at 8 am, and for a renewable period of one month, in “areas where the respect of distances is made difficult by the high attendance as materialized” thanks to a map, drawn in conjunction with the Department of Proximity Security of the Paris agglomeration (DSPAP). And the decree clearly stipulates that it is “compulsory for people aged eleven and over”This, therefore, means that cyclists and joggers will have to come out masked. This was also confirmed by the Paris town hall to Check news.

But does this apply to all the cities that have decided to impose the wearing of masks outdoors? Well no. Each prefect can decide how and by whom the decree should be applied. In Mayenne for example, “the obligation to wear a mask provided for in this decree does not apply to the practice of sports activities”.

Remember that if the mask is not worn, offenders risk a fine of € 135. And as far as motorists are concerned, they are not affected by these orders. But wearing it is still recommended if you are travelling with someone who is not from their household.

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