Woman arrested in Marseille for drug trafficking

Marseille: Over 4 kg of Marijuana Seized from a “Nanny”

The drug raid took place in the Castellane … A woman aged 42 was arrested on Thursday morning by police for storing in the apartment she occupies in the city of Castellane drugs and cash, reports the newspaper La Provence . Investigators found that in the apartment of the “nanny”,  4.5 kilograms of cannabis, 365 grams […]

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1000 cannabis plants have been found in a villa in the Gard region of France

Gard: A Thousand Cannabis Plants Discovered in Villa

The father, who lived on the ground floor, was taken into custody, and should be presented before the Criminal Court on Thursday morning … This is a huge seizure was made ​​Wednesday by the police of the antenna of Nimes Montpellier SRPJ: investigators got hold of more than a thousand cannabis plants, reports Midi Libre […]

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Driver caught speeding and positive for cannabis near Mayenne

Near Mayenne, Speeding at 156 km/h and Positive for Cannabis

Gendarmes of Mayenne identified two speeding this weekend on the N 12. The drivers had used Drugs. Two drivers were caught, in this first long weekend of the year, speeding on the N12 by the motorized gendarme brigade of Mayenne.  In addition to going too fast, they were both found to be positive for cannabis. […]

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Specialised Police units have seized 10 kilograms of cocaine in the city of Marseille

Marseille: Ten Kilograms of Cannabis Seized

Police seized ten kilos of cannabis in northern Marseille … The new specialized field brigades (BST) created in 2012 by the police are getting tough on drug dealers.  Within weeks, they have conducted five raids in the north quarters of Marseille, that of Font Vert, located in the 14th arrondissement. According to La Provence , […]

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Two men caught with 48 Kilos of Cannabis were sentenced to Prison in Bordeaux

Bordeaux: Prison for 2 Girondins Arrested in Biarritz with 48 kilos of Cannabis

This Monday, two young men aged 20 and 30 were sentenced to prison for after being arrested last Wednesday in Biarritz with 48 kilos of cannabis … Two young men aged 20 and 30, originating in Ambarès-et-Lagrave, tried for transport and detention of narcotics were sentenced Monday to 24 months in prison with 14 months […]

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A man arrested after police find 7kg Cannabis in a gym bag in an appartment

Angers: 7 kg of Cannabis Concealed in Gym Bag

A 28 years man from Angers has been remanded in custody for drug trafficking. He was arrested Tuesday, January 26, in an apartment occupied by his girlfriend and mother. 7 kg of Cannabis packed in 31 bags. It is the discovery by police of the Gendarme brigade of Angers narcotics on Tuesday night in an apartment situated […]

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Baby ingested Cannabis in the Vendée region

In Vendée, the Baby had Eaten Cannabis

At Saint-Jean-de-Monts, the young mother had found her eighteen months baby was limp, unresponsive. He had swallowed cannabis. A couple was summoned before the Criminal Court of Sables d’Olonne (Vendée) in response to narcotic use. The case “could have ended badly”, as emphasized by the Attorney Gilbert Lafaye. In July 2015, in Saint-Jean-de-Monts, the young […]

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ten people indicated after a seizure of a tonne of cannabis by customs in Paris

Paris: Ten People Arrested after the Seizure of a Tonne of Cannabis

A truck was intercepted at Aulnay-sous-Bois with a ton of cannabis inside … A nice catch. Ten people were indicted and remanded in custody in a trafficking case drugs, we have learned this Saturday from a  judicial source.  On Monday through monitoring and surveillance, officers of the Central Office for the Suppression of Illicit Trafficking in […]

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A man arrested in Rennes for Cannabis hidden in a Prothesis

Rennes: He hid 400 grams of Cannabis in his Prosthesis

The young man will be judged on immediate appearance on Monday … All are good hideouts to hide his cannabis. Thursday afternoon, a young man has been arrested by the anti-crime brigade and the canine unit at the commercial Italie area in Rennes. He submitted voluntarily to police a cannabis dumpling and 350 euros in cash. Given […]

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