Angers: 7 kg of Cannabis Concealed in Gym Bag

Local News
A man arrested after police find 7kg Cannabis in a gym bag in an appartment

A 28 years man from Angers has been remanded in custody for drug trafficking. He was arrested Tuesday, January 26, in an apartment occupied by his girlfriend and mother.

7 kg of Cannabis packed in 31 bags. It is the discovery by police of the Gendarme brigade of Angers narcotics on Tuesday night in an apartment situated in the Monplaisir district of the city.

Seven empty sachets

The cannabis resin found on site was stored in a sports bag.  Seven other empty sachets, 20 g of cocaine, 40 g of cannabis herb, and scales, were also found.

A woman in her sixties, her 24 year old daughter and the friend of the latter, aged 28 years old were also arrested and placed in custody.  The women will be summoned to criminal court in June for possession and use of cannabis.

Fifteen convictions

Suspected trafficker, the young man was referred to the prosecutor of Angers, Friday, January 29. He will be presented for an immediate appearance on Monday. Meanwhile, he was remanded in custody.

The man, has been convicted previously with his record including fifteen convictions, including seven for violations of the drug laws.

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