Gard: A Thousand Cannabis Plants Discovered in Villa

Local News
1000 cannabis plants have been found in a villa in the Gard region of France

The father, who lived on the ground floor, was taken into custody, and should be presented before the Criminal Court on Thursday morning …

This is a huge seizure was made ​​Wednesday by the police of the antenna of Nimes Montpellier SRPJ: investigators got hold of more than a thousand cannabis plants, reports Midi Libre .

The drugs were found on the first floor of a villa, located in Vauvert (Gard).  On the ground floor, lived a family whose father, aged forty, was arrested and placed in custody Wednesday night.

The suspect held Thursday in immediate appearance

Inside, an arsenal dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis was found, everything was provided so that the plants grow properly, with lamps, fans, heating and sprinklers.According to the regional daily , the drug should be destroyed quickly.

The suspect should be presented Thursday at the criminal court.

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