Landes: About 800 kg of Cannabis Seized in a Small Village

Local News
Nearly 800 kg of cannabis were seized, in a village in the Landes region of France

Traffickers had decided to go through secondary roads of the Landes region, to escape from the police …

The 350 inhabitants of Saint-Pierre-du-Mont  near Mont-de-Marsan had certainly never seen such an arrest. According to the Echo Republican, a fast driving vehicle with more than 800 kg of cannabis was stopped in their small village, just a few days.

Traffickers closely monitored

The two traffickers originating in Dreux (Eure-et-Loir), were on their way to Spain with drugs. They were monitored for months by police officers of the Regional Service of Judicial Police (SRPJ) of Orleans. To cover their tracks, the two men decided to take secondary roads but they have not managed to escape the police.

One of the two traffickers has already been convicted in the past for drug trafficking. The second is not known to police, and would be a novice in this type of shipment.

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