Lorient: Cannabis hidden in Nappies

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Man from lorient, on trial in Rennes after Cannabis found in Nappy

During a search, police found drugs in layers of nappies …

A 47 year old man was at the criminal court in Rennes, earlier today, charged with drug trafficking. During a search of his home, in Lorient last November, Police had found two packs of hundred grams of cannabis hidden in a nappy, concealed in a bag of dirty laundry, reported Ouest-France , as well 24 grams heroin, four mobile phones and 550 € in cash.

“A man was selling him drugs”

To justify himself, the defendant, who had been an addict himself since his twenties, explained that he had bought the drugs “from a man who was selling the drugs at a festival for a clearance price”, the newspaper said, “I had 400 Euros and just bought them”.  The man was sentenced to eight months in prison and confiscated of the 550 Euros.

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