Chardin Jean-Philippe watch on bottles of Label'Cave, new store Ifs near Caen

Near Caen, the Label Cave Wine Shop Opens

COMMERCE: Already established in Agneaux (Manche) and Vire, the cellar Label’Cave opened a third store near Caen … Already established in Agneaux (Manche) and Vire, the cellar Label’Cave opened a third store in Ifs, at 1 rue Edouard Branly, between the center E. Leclerc and Biocoop store. Chardin Jean-Philippe, 37, is the manager. After 16 years of sales […]

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The weekend weather forecast for Normandy

Weather in Normandy: A Weekend of Rain, Hail and Thunderstorms

The weekend weather for Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November looks gloomy in Normandy.The forecast, rain, hail and thunderstorms with gusty winds. Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November, 2017, the weather looks very gloomy in five departments of Normandy . The Saturday will be rainy, from morning until evening. And the Sunday will be punctuated by rain showers of hail and storms . If the climate is not […]

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In a road accident at Valsemé, the 23 year old driver has died

Collision Valsemé: The 23 Years Driver Died

Following a collision with a truck Monday October 30, 2017 at Valsemé (Calvados), a woman of 23 years died of his wounds Tuesday, October 31, 2017, at the University Hospital of Caen. Monday, October 30, 2017, a collision occurred between a truck and a car at Valsemé (Calvados) near Pont-Eveque. The driver of the car, a 23 year old woman originally […]

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Near Caen, a man has been injured in an explosion

Near Caen: A Man Seriously Injured by an Explosion

At Ifs, near Caen, a man of 45 years was the severed leg, Sunday, 22nd October, 2017, at noon, by manipulating a metal can. The explosion was seen throughout the neighbourhood. This Sunday 22nd October, in the early afternoon, several police still carry out surveys and findings, street Orailles, Ifs-plain around the house where the explosion […]

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Strikes in Normandy this Thursday against reform of Labour Code

Strike against the Reform of the Labour Code: What disruptions in Normandy Thursday, October 19?

A new call for the strike was launched Thursday, October 19, 2017, against the reform of the Labour Code. Disturbances are announced in Normandy. A new ” day of action ” against the reform of the labor code is scheduled, Thursday, October 19, 2017, at the call of unions CGT and Solidaires . The public service could also be part, for its own claims on the […]

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Volotea launches eight new destinations this Tuesday, September 26, 2017, including a link Caen-Marseille in April 2018.

Caen: Volotea Announces Caen-Marseille Route in 2018

The airline Volotea announced on Tuesday 26th September, adding eight destinations from Marseille in 2018. A link will serve Caen from April 2018. The airline Volotea announced on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017, the opening of eight new routes in 2018 from Marseille, bringing to 18 the number of destinations from Marseille. New features include a connection […]

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Serious Accident near Lisieux

Serious Accident near Lisieux. Caen Road Closed

An accident occurred, around 6 pm at Bosquetterie, the Pré d’Auge, near Lisieux, in the direction of Caen. A construction truck hit a house, causing one serious injury. The emergency services were still being deployed to the Bosquetterie (Le Pré d’Auge), near Lisieux, for an accident which occurred around 6pm on the D613, which was busy […]

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Calvados has been placed on yellow alert for storms by Meteo France

Weather: Calvados on Yellow Warning for Storms

Meteo France placed the Calvados department in yellow alert for Thunderstorms, this Tuesday, August 29, 2017 from 6pm, until 6am tomorrow. After the rain, thunderstorms? In any case what announces Weather for France Calvados. The department has experienced a strong period of heat, Monday 28th and Tuesday, August 29th, 2017. It has been placed in yellow alert […]

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Traffic difficulties on the A13 in Normandy

Normandy A13: Vehicles Broken Down, Slowing for Several Kilometers

The evening turns on busy roads in Calvados on Easter Monday 17th April 2017. A slowdown over seven kilometers is currently registered on the A13 between Danestal and Beaumont-en-Auge, in the direction Caen – Paris . A slowdown of several kilometers is currently registered on the A13 in the direction Caen-Paris between Danestal and Beaumont-en-Auge. […]

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Railway workers in Normandy will be on strike this weekend

Normandy: A Strike by CFDT Rail Workers this Weekend

At the call of the CFDT, the railway workers will be on strike this weekend until 8am on Tuesday. The notice is for National and local staff at stations throughout Normandy. This Friday 14th April 2017, 80 intentions for strikes were recorded in Normandy among controllers. The strikers are protesting against such premium arrears, unregulated by SNCF, […]

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