All the football results for the western clubs in the CFA and CFA2

Football Results: CFA – CFA 2 – All the Clubs in the West

All the football results of western clubs in the CFA and CFA 2 Note the dramatic draw between Cholet and Saint-Malo and the defeat of the reserve Nantes team in Plabennec. CFA Groupe A Paris SG (B) – Fontenay : 1-1 Rennes (B) – Vitré : 1-1 Châteaubriant – Lorient (B) : 1-0 Cholet – […]

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After a car chase of 200 km from Caen to Rennes, they eventually flee on foot

Rennes: After a Chase of 200 kilometres, the Criminals Escaped on Foot

They eventually abandon their vehicle … They did not hesitate to rush, lights off, sometimes exceeding 200 km/h. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the anti-crime brigade of Calvados chased a car carrying several men suspected of burglaries committed in the area of Caen, reported Ouest-France . They eventually flee on foot The chase […]

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Ligne 1 French football results i

Ligue 1: Nantes and Caen rise, Monaco explodes at Metz

FC Nantes stops its bad run with a home win against FC Bastia. For its part, Caen also boost after its victory against Toulouse. Monaco explode with a resounding victory against Metz (7-0). Two Western clubs played this Saturday night on the 8th day of Ligue 1. FC Nantes stopped his poor run with home win against FC Bastia. […]

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Francois Hollande will be making a visit to Caen in November

Normandy: Francois Hollande in Caen in November

Joel Bruneau, Mayor of Caen announced the arrival of Francois Hollande on November 3 for the inauguration of Spiral 2, the linear particle accelerator for fundamental nuclear physics studies. Joel Bruneau, the Mayor of Caen announced the arrival of Francois Hollande on the 3rd November  for the inauguration of Spiral 2, the linear particle accelerator […]

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Ferries have been running behind schedule at Caen due to dockers action

Port of Caen: Another Ferry Delayed this Afternoon

After the Mont-Saint-Michel this morning the Normandie should be delayed in the afternoon, due to the movement of dockworkers at Caen. This morning the Brittany Ferries boat, the Mont-Saint-Michel departed from the port of Caen-Ouistreham two hours behind schedule. The dockers protests also disrupts departures this afternoon. The boat, Normandie will leave around 6.30 pm instead […]

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Dockworkers on are strike at the port of Ouistreham

Ouistreham: Dockworkers on 48 hours Strike Tomorrow Morning

Dockers of the Brittany-Ferries renew their strike for 48 hours. Tomorrow Thursday, 26th May, they will block cargo trucks. But not passengers … Ouistreham dockworkers have decided to continue their strike for 48 hours, from tomorrow Thursday,26th May from 6.30am to 11.30pm.  The Same for Friday, 27th May, “But we will let passengers pass” says the CGT. […]

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46 petrol stations are currently totally out of fuel in the Calvados area

Calvados: 46 Stations in Totally Out of Fuel

The prefecture has just published a status update on the department. The situation has deteriorated slightly compared to yesterday. But not enough to ration. There are currently 46 petrol stations totally out of fuel, 56 stations who are out SP95 petrol, 54 stations out of SP98 petrol and 63 stations currently out of diesel.  That […]

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Dockers are on strike at the ferry terminals of Le Havre, Cherbourg and Ouistreham

Dockers on strike in Le Havre, Cherbourg and Ouistreham

Dockers Ouistreham, Cherbourg and Le havre could renew their motion from Tuesday and harden leaving no access to the car ferries. All day and until 11.20pm, Thursday 19 May, the dockers of the Brittany Ferries terminal at Ouistreham block access to car ferries for all trucks carrying cargo. They mobilized against the forced passage of […]

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