Shop dedicated to rollerblades opens in Caen

A Shop Dedicated to Rollerblades Opens in Caen with Maki O’Roller Shop

An enthusiast has opened a boutique dedicated to the world of skating in Louvigny near Caen (Calvados), Tuesday 26th February, 2019. A store that addresses all user profiles. Passionate about skating, Jonathan proposed until now items for sale at his home and on a website. Tuesday, February 26, 2019, he opened his shop devoted solely to […]

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Demonstration of "yellow vests" on the Champs de Mars in Paris on February 9, 2019.

Yellow Vests Act XIII: 51,400 Demonstrators in France According to the Interior, A Serious Wounded

Act XIII of the Yellow Vests on Saturday 9th February, 2019 was marked by a few incidents and a serious injury. The Ministry of the Interior announces a figure of 51,400 demonstrators. More than three months after the beginning of the movement, the Yellow Vests launched their act XIII Saturday 9th February, 2019. According to the figures of the Ministry […]

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The radar at the Calix viaduct in Caen was destroyed by fire.

On the Ring Road of Caen, the Radar of the Calix Viaduct Destroyed by a Fire

The radar of the Calix viaduct located on the ring road of Caen, in the direction of Cherbourg Paris, was destroyed by a fire on the night of Friday 28 to Saturday 29 December 2018. The radar of the Calix viaduct, in Caen (Calvados) , is definitely out of order. He was burned on the night of Friday […]

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Filter dams by yellow vests in Caen

Caen: Yellow Vests Filtering Dams this Monday 3rd December in Caen

The third week of mobilisation of yellow vests starts in Caen (Calvados) with six dams filtering and slowing traffic. The yellow vests continue the filter dams, slowing down the cieculation of traffic in the agglomeration of Caen (Calvados). This Monday 3rd December, 2018, there are six early this morning. Filter dams Roundabout from Lazzaro to Colombelles Roundabout […]

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Protestors are trying to block a roundabout in Caen

Caen: The Yellow Vests are Trying to Resume the Colombelles Roundabout

After the roundabout of Ifs, in Caen, mobile gendarmes and police intervened to unblock the roundabout Lazzaro, in Colombelles, this Tuesday 20th November, 2018. Yellow vests have just reinvest. The police come back in their turn Totally confused situation at Lazzaro roundabout in Colombelles, at the gates of Caen. The yellow vests, which held this point of […]

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Ligue 1, The joy of Lille after the goal of José Fonte (g) against Nantes, September 22, 2018 in Villeneuve-d'Asc

Ligue 1: It’s Good for Lille and Strasbourg, Not for Nice and Caen

On Saturday, Lille reached second place on the Ligue 1 podium by defeating Nantes, while Strasbourg won against Amiens. But it’s less glorious for Caen and Nice. Metamorphosed, Lille is in second place in Ligue 1 after his success against Nantes on Saturday (2-1) in a sixth day that saw Nice relapse to Montpellier (1-0), and Saint-Etienne and Strasbourg to reconnect with the respectively […]

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In Ligue 1, Caen loses to Saint-Etienne

Football: In Ligue 1, Caen Loses to Saint-Étienne

Despite the opener, Stade Malherbe Caen conceded their second defeat of the season, Saturday, September 22, 2018 in Saint-Etienne. The beautiful Caen series of four games without defeat ended on the lawn of Saint-Étienne. Caen lost 2-1 to Geoffroy-Guichard on Saturday , September 22, 2018. The Caen have yet opened the scoring at the half hour mark by Fayçal Fajr following a hand fault […]

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A citizen march against the climate took place in Caen this Saturday, September 8, as in 109 other cities in France. 1,500 people marched in the streets of Caen.

Climate March: 1,500 People in the Streets of Caen

A citizen march against the climate took place in Caen this Saturday 8th September as in 109 other cities in France. 1,500 people marched in the streets of Caen. This Saturday, September 8, 2018 , more than 1,500 people marched through the streets of downtown  Caen (Calvados) on the occasion of a citizen walk for the climate . 110 climate rallies were held throughout France on the occasion of […]

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Traffic Distruptions in Caen

Tram Works in Caen: Traffic Impacted from 25th June to 1st July [Map]

Work for the future iron tramway continues in Caen (Calvados). In the district of the castle and the avenue of June 6th, the circulation remains difficult from June 25th to July 1st. The works of the future tramway in Caen (Calvados) are intensifying in the city center. Here is the schedule of construction sites for the week of Monday, […]

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Firefighters Calvados intervened on Friday, May 15, 2018 in the evening in Vimont, near Caen, on a fatal accident.

Deadly Accident: 27 Year Old Man Dies near Caen

A serious traffic accident occurred on Friday 15th June, 2018, in the town of Vimont near Caen (Calvados). A 27-year-old man died instantly. A serious traffic accident occurred Friday, June 15, 2018 shortly before 21h15 on the D613 at the intersection with the D41, in the town of Vimont , about fifteen kilometers east of Caen (Calvados) . The drivers […]

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