Crossing the A13 Motorway in Calvados, a Pedestrian Dies, Hit by a Car

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A man was killed crossing the A13 motorway at Calvados

A 45 year old man was killed, hit by a car, in the area of ​​Giberville (Calvados) on the A13, near Caen. He tried to walk to a parking lot.

A terrible accident . A 45 year old pedestrian was killed, hit by a car on the A13 motorway, near Caen (Calvados) on Saturday 20th January shortly before 11pm. He was trying to reach a parking lot.

He crossed the traffic lanes

The drama took place in the direction Paris-Caen on the A13 at the Giberville rest area. According to the Operational Centre of Fire and rescue of Calvados:

“Two road Ukrainian were walking to a rest area to another by crossing the traffic lanes. “

One 45 year old was hit by a car with three people in it. He is dead. Ten firefighters went on site and traffic was reduced to one lane during the rescue operation.

The three occupants of the car taken to the University Hospital

Firefighters said the other truck driver, also on foot, aged 34 was very shocked.

People who were in the car, a man of 43, a 34 year old woman and a boy of 8 years were slightly injured and headed to the University Hospital of Caen.


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