Storm Miguel has caused 35,000 households without electricity in Nouvelle Aquitaine

Storm Miguel: Some 35,000 Households Without Electricity in Nouvelle Aquitaine

WEATHER: The winds blew at over 100 km/h in the day in the Gironde due to the storm Miguel, causing many disturbances Violent winds are falling on Nouvelle Aquitaine, and especially in Gironde, since Friday morning because of the storm Miguel. This phenomenon has caused significant damage to the power grid. And for good reason: winds of 117 km […]

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Where can I find the cheapest fuel in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux: Which Petrol Station is the Cheapest Fuel?

Between the ten petrol stations located in Bordeaux, price differences are sometimes important. While fuel prices have been on the rise since January 2019 and peaked last April , we have found which Bordeaux gas stations are the cheapest . Diesel fuel: on the right bank For diesel, you have to go to the right bank to save money. On the Quai de la Souys, […]

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Yellow Vests in Paris on 1 st June

Yellow Vests: A Few Thousand Demonstrators in France, Very Weak Mobilisation

Six days after the European elections, the movement of yellow vests continues to run out of steam, in Paris and in the regions. Some thousands of “yellow vests” demonstrate peacefully in France on Saturday 1st June 2019 for the 29th day of action since the beginning of the movement, which seems clearly stalled. According to the figures of the Ministry […]

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The yellow vests invaded the Mall des Grands Hommes.

Bordeaux: Yellow Vests Invade the Grands Hommes Shopping Center

This Saturday during act 29 yellow vests, the Mall des Grands Hommes, located in the city centre of Bordeaux, was a place of passage of the event. This Saturday, June 1st, 2019, the movement of the yellow vests continues in Bordeaux (Gironde) with the act 29 . This afternoon, the procession disrupted tram traffic – while no traffic disruption was expected – and forced […]

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Made in Bordeaux, cacolac celebrates 65 years

Made in Bordeaux, the Cacolac Drink Changes its Look for its 65 Years

Created in the district of Benauge in Bordeaux, the company Cacolac – known for its famous chocolate milk drink – has just released a collector can to celebrate its 65 years. Fresh milk from Lot-et-Garonne, cocoa and a little caramelized sweet taste, the drink of your childhood do not change a recipe but changes it look […]

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An arcus formed over Bordeaux in the evening of April 23, 2019. (

In Pictures: A Surprising Phenomenon crossing the sky of Bordeaux this 23rd April

In the evening of April 23, 2019, an arcus formed over Bordeaux (Gironde). Disturbingly, this impressive roll of clouds is well known to meteorologists. On the evening of April 23rd, 2019, the sky of Bordeaux was covered with a cloud worthy of the most apocalyptic films. No worries, it was not a remake of Roland Emmerich ‘s 2012 film, […]

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Which city do apartments rent the fastest

Studio, T2, T3, T4 … in Which Cities are the Apartments Renting the Fastest?

The site has achieved the ranking of cities where the time to rent apartments to a tenant are the shortest. Details. Finding accommodation is often a pain for both the tenant and the landlord . Whether it is a studio, a T2, a T3, T4, T5 … the apartments can leave very quickly depending on the city. To see more clearly, the site […]

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The 200 most congested cities in the world: Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lille in the ranking

The 200 Most Congested Cities in the World: Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lille in the Ranking

According to a study by the INRIX institute, which has looked at more than 200 cities in the world, Bordeaux is one of the cities where we spend the most hours in traffic jams. Worse than Mexico City , Moscow , Rio de Janeiro or Brussels … According to a study published by the INRIX Institute , which compared more than 200 cities in 38 different countries ,  Bordeaux (Gironde) is […]

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33.700 yellow vests demonstrators according to the Minister of the Interior

Act 20 Yellow Vests: 33,700 Demonstrators According to the Interior, clashes in Paris and Regions

Act 20 Yellow Vests gathered 33,700 people in France, according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior. Demonstrations rather calm, enamelled of some clashes The Yellow Vests paraded by the thousands on their twentieth consecutive Saturday despite the bans to demonstrate to avoid violence . Around 7.30pm, the Ministry of the Interior announced the figures of participation:  33,700 demonstrators in France , including […]

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What to expect from Act 20 Yellow Vests

Prohibited Demonstrations, Strong Police Presence … What to Expect for Act 20 Yellow Vests?

Act 20 Yellow Vests starts Saturday 30th March, 2019. Despite prohibitions to demonstrate, especially on the Champs-Elysees, law enforcement fear clashes. The ” yellow vests “, indifferent to the national debate that plays extra time, rally Saturday, March 30, 2019 for their twentieth day of mobilisation despite the prohibition to demonstrate in the face of fear of new clashes. […]

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