Confinement: “It’s a Killing”, reacts Philippe Etchebest to the Compulsory Closure of Restaurants

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Philippe Etchebest disputes the government's decision to introduce new confinement.

Wednesday 28th October 2020, Emmanuel Macron announced the closure of restaurants until December 1st. In Bordeaux, chef Philippe Etchebest was quick to react. With anger.

“We’re in shock … It’s a kill !” “It is in the name of a profession that Philippe Etchebest, who owns Le Quatrième Mur in Bordeaux (Gironde), reacted to President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement, this Wednesday 28th October, to close restaurants until December 1st.

“We did everything we had to do and we must close”

From October 30th, the President of the Republic Emmanual Macron established a five-week confinement throughout the French metropolis and “non-essential businesses” must lower the curtain, constrained and forced.

“The first confinement was not enough to stop the epidemic and now we are being re-fined. We have only been adapting from the start … We have applied protocols, which are extremely drastic and expensive, and today, we still have to close even though we have done everything we need to do! “

Philippe Etchebest – Owner of the restaurant Le Quatrième Mur in Bordeaux
On Friday 2nd October, in front of his restaurant, Philippe Etchebest and several owners of restaurants, bars and hotels had made noise for a minute, black armband around their arm, to denounce the government’s restrictions on them.

“There will be mass unemployment”

At the time already, the star chef and juror of the Top Chef show said: “Anger is roaring”. Three weeks later, at the microphone of France Info, concern mingles with anger:

“The French landscape will change! There will be mass unemployment. Social inability will be reinforced, there will be serious damage!”

Philippe Etchebest

The restaurateur wonders: “Will there be enough help to get my head out? Personally, I have a doubt… ”

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