Weather in Bordeaux: The Sun is Hidden Behind the Clouds

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The weather in Bordeaux will be cloudy

WEATHER FORECASTToday for the weather in Bordeaux, the sun will be hidden behind light clouds. Temperatures will be 6 ° C in the morning and 10 ° C in the afternoon …

The sun will struggle to breakthrough in the middle of light clouds that will last over Bordeaux during the day. A northerly wind will refresh the atmosphere somewhat. The clouds will gradually be visible as the morning progresses. The afternoon will remain cloudy because of light clouds which persist in the sky. On the other hand, the weather will warm up with an increase of a few degrees. The evening will remain covered because of small clouds which are maintained in the sky. The change from Thursday to Friday will take place under a cloudless sky.

Tomorrow, in Bordeaux, clouds will not want to give way to the sun. The temperatures will drop a few degrees. A little north-easterly wind will be felt by the inhabitants. The sky will gradually cloud over during the morning with the appearance of clouds. Rain will fall. The sun will have a hard time breaking through in the midst of light clouds that will remain in the afternoon. The evening will remain gloomy because of clouds that persist in the sky. Scattered rains are expected.

The weather will improve in the days that follow. A sunny sky, for temperatures of around 2 ° C, is expected.

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