labour Law protestors in Paris vandalised the Necker Childrens Hospital in Paris

Labour Law: Necker Childrens Hospital Vandalized, AP-HP complains

The Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) announced Tuesday will “lodge complaints” after “unacceptable attack” at the Necker Childrens Hospital. The Necker Childrens Hospital was vandalized by protesters on the sidelines of the national demonstration against the Labour Law taking place in Paris.   #Manif14Juin Inadmissible attaque contre l’hôpital public @hopital_necker. 15 baies vitrées […]

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Two police officers have been murdered in Magnaville

Magnanville: Islamic State claims the Murder of the Couple of Police Officers

A police commander and his wife were killed with knives by a man on Monday night at their home in Magnanville. Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack in the night. A 42-year police commander and his companion were killed Monday night in Magnanville , in Yvelines, in an attack with knives claimed by the organization […]

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Hundreds of hooded people attacked the police with missiles thrown at the Labour Law Protests in Paris

Labour Law: Violent Demonstration in Paris, Forty Wounded

The Paris demonstration against the labour law was particularly violent. 58 people arrested and 29 police officers and 11 protesters injured. Businesses and shopfronts ransacked, hundreds of hooded protesters, at least 29 policemen and 11 demonstrators wounded, tear gas and, unusually, a water cannon to disperse the crowd.  This was the scene in Paris at […]

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National Day of protest against the Labour law in Paris

Labour Law: The procession of Demonstrators Rushed to Paris

Opponents of the Labour Law, gathered on Tuesday for a national demonstration in Paris, marching began around 1.30pm Firecrackers, smoke bombs and horns … The dense crowd of protesters against the labour law, started the march from the Place d’Italie (thirteenth arrondissement) in Paris to lead up to the Invalides (VII).  At the head of the march […]

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Bernard Cazeneuve announcement banning the sale of alcohol in sensitive areas during the Euro 2016

Euro 2016: Cazeneuve Announcement, Banning the Sale of Alcohol

The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, announced the banning of the sale of alcohol in sensitive areas. The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said on Sunday that a there will be a ban on alcohol sales in “sensitive areas” vigils and match days of the Euro, after denouncing the violence “unacceptable” that occurred yesterday in Marseille.  “I […]

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The orange alert weather warning has been lifted across France

The Orange Alert Storms and Floods Lifted Throughout France

WEATHER: Eighteen departments were still affected by the orange alert … A week after the major rainy and stormy episodes , giving places to flooding , the orange alert was lifted Thursday morning on the eighteen departments Northeast still concerned, according to Météo France. #MeteoDeDemain Assez chaud, avec du #soleil! ???? Rares averses sur les reliefs […]

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Update on the strikes affecting France against the Labour Law

SNCF, Air France, Rubbish Removal … Update on Strikes

Manuel Valls was particularly frustrated, calling the strike at the SNCF “incomprehensible” … Has the government manage to turn off the social unrest?  Two days before the European Football Championships, the outcome seems still seem to be found, as strikes at the SNCF, in refineries, waste facilities and events are coming on Wednesday. The strike at […]

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Severe Thunderstorms: 16 Departments on Orange Alert until Wednesday 1

Severe Thunderstorms: 16 Departments on Orange Alert until Wednesday

Sixteen departments are on orange alert on Tuesday afternoon with severe thunderstorms that began to affect the north and move to the East of France. The departments of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardie, Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine, Côte-d’Or, Haute-Saône and the Lower Rhine “are particularly at risk of hail and important rainfall in a short time “ , according to […]

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NPP Nogent-sur-Seine has two reactors that could shut down in protest against Labour Law

Labour Law: Call for Nuclear Power Plants to Strike

CGT-Energy called for “strongest possible” action, the first target is the centre of Nogent-sur-Seine … After the fuel shortage, it is no the turn of the electricity. Tuesday night, the CGT-Energy called for the “strongest possible” action on Thursday, including nuclear power plants, to protest against the labor law and the deterioration of the sector, […]

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The government is to use strategic fuel stocks to relieve fuel shortage

Fuel: Government Confirms the Use of Strategic Stocks

The Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal, confirmed … The Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal, confirmed on Wednesday that the government had tapped into its strategic reserves of petroleum products and said the equivalent of three days of inventory of 115 available had been used until now. These punctures “allowed to respond […]

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