UEFA has confirmed that Euro 2016 will go ahead in France

Attacks in Paris: UEFA is not Worried about the Holding of Euro 2016

Three suicide bombers caused explosions near the Stade de France on Friday … UEFA earlier today, Monday reaffirmed its confidence in the organizing committee of Euro 2016 in France to take all “necessary measures” to the security of the tournament next summer.  The draw for the final phase will take place as scheduled on December 12 […]

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A minute silence was observed throughout France

Minute of silence throughout France in tribute to victims

France has fixed Monday at 12:00 for one minute of silence in tribute to the victims of bombings and Paris Saint-Denis, the bloodiest in history, with at least 129 dead and 352 injured. France has fixed Monday at 12:00 for one minute of silence in tribute to the victims of bombings and Paris Saint-Denis, the […]

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Manual Valls has proposed the closure of radical mosques

Attacks in Paris: Valls: “close the mosques that are attacking the values ​​of the Republic”

Mosques and radical associations “who attack the values ​​of the Republic” should be closed Manuel Valls said on Monday morning. Mosques and radical associations “who attack the values ​​of the Republic” must be closed, said Prime Minister Manuel Valls, earlier today, Monday on RTL, three days after the deadly attacks in Paris.  “Il faut fermer les […]

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French Aircraft bomb targets in Syria

VIDEO. The French Hunters unleash 20 Bombs on Raqqa

Two targets were destroyed by French planes … The military response to the attacks in Paris of November 13 began. Sunday evening, the French air force carried out a massive bombardment of Raqqa, a stronghold of Daesh (Islamic State) in Syria. The General Staff of the Armed forces says that during the raid of two important […]

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National day of mourning commences on Sunday

Attacks in Paris: The Three-day National Mourning Starts Sunday

The decree of President Francois Hollande proclaimed three days of national mourning until Tuesday was published Sunday in the Official Journal (OJ) … “The 15 November, 16 November and 17 November 2015 are declared days of national mourning for the victims of attacks in Paris November 13, 2015”.  The decree of President Francois Hollande proclaimed […]

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Facebook has an option to addd a french Flag to your profile

Attacks in Paris: French Flags Invade Facebook

The network launched an option for dressing profiles after the terrorist attacks … “#JeSuisParis.” After the tragedy of Paris, Facebook has enabled an option for dressing profiles with photos blue, white, red of the French flag. This is the boss of the Messenger app, the French David Marcus, who shared the first few hours after […]

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Out pouring of grief and despair on Social Networks

Attacks in Paris: Social Networks bereaved by Death Announcements

Internet users express their sorrow and solidarity on Twitter as the identity of victims of the attacks is revealed … After nearly 24 hours of endless waiting, the names and faces of 129 victims of the attacks occurred Friday night in Paris gradually invade social networks. Décès du propriétaire du Resto Chez Livio #rechercheParis #ParisAttacks […]

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A pianistplays outside the bataclan centre in Paris

Attacks in Paris: He set up his Piano by the Bataclan and Plays “Imagine”

In the face of terror, it responds with the music … A symbol. Saturday, a stranger came to install the piano by the Bataclan, the Paris concert hall where several terrorists killed at least 89 people on Friday night. Amidst the crowd, composed of many journalists, the pianist has performed an instrumental version of the […]

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Museums, Theatres and public events cancelled due to the attacks in Paris

Theatres and museums remain closed Sundays and provisional “until further notice”

Public cultural institutions will be closed Sunday. Festivals and Private cinemas are also very affected … A weekend without culture. After the attacks in Paris, took place in the night of Friday, the Ministry of Culture and Communication has decided to extend the closure of public cultural institutions from Saturday to Sunday.  This concerns all […]

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President Francois Hollande announces an "Act of War" against France

Hollande accused the group of IS committing “an act of war”

Francois Hollande Saturday called the attacks highly … Francois Hollande called Saturday the extremely deadly attacks in Paris of “act of war”, pointing for the first time as head “terrorist army” of the organization Islamic state, “Daech” and called on the French for “unity”,  “gathering” and “cool.” “It’s an act of war committed by a […]

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