Manuel Valls denounced the "blackmail" of part of the CGT about the fuel shortage

Fuel Shortage: Valls Denounced Extortion on Part of the CGT

Manuel Valls denounced the “blackmail” on part of the CGT, that blocks fuel sites to protest against the labour law … “I call on the French to yield to no panic”, the prime minister told reporters, urging motorists not to rush into petrol stations in anticipation of possible shortages, and stating that “consumption this past weekend (had) […]

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Five refineries out of eight have stopped or in the process of stopping against the Labour Law

Five Refineries in Eight Stopped or Being Stopped, said the CGT

STRIKE: These five refineries are on strike, stopped or being stopped, said Emmanuel Lepine, responsible for the oil branch of the CGT … The movement against the El Khomri Labour Law, hardens a little more. The members of CGT in the oil refineries have today been called on  “that refineries stop their petroleum facilities” through Emmanuel Lepine, […]

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In a recent survey, 54 percent of the French are in support of the actions against the Labour law

54% of French People Favour the Mobilization against the Labour Law

SURVEY: The supports are fewer among supporters of the Socialist Party than those of the parties to the left of the left … With the absence of a majority in the National Assembly, the government did push through the Labour Law with the motion 49-3.  The Labour Law, introduced by Myriam El Khomri, does not win […]

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Francois Hollande has denounced the violence in Rennes

François Hollande Denounces the Violence in Rennes

On an official visit to Nigeria, President of the Republic spoke about the situation in Rennes, plagued sensitive. François Hollande denounces the violence in Rennes … Whilst on an official trip to Abuja, Nigeria, president Francois Hollande denounced the damage committed on Friday evening in the centre of Rennes by some 300 rioters. “No violence […]

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The fight against terrorism in France is far from over

In France, the Fight Against Terrorism is Far from Over

TERRORISM:  According to the Minister of the Interior, 15 planned attacks have been foiled since 2013 … Since the beginning of the year, 101 people “directly related to terrorism” were arrested, according to Bernard Cazeneuve . In an interview to be published in newspapers of Friday Ebra group, six months after the attacks in November […]

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France has appointed a new ambassador to the Vatican

A New French Ambassador Appointed to the Vatican

APPOINTMENT: The ambassador should take its functions by this summer … Paris has appointed a new ambassador to the Holy See, Vatican Radio reported on Thursday. The decree of appointment of Philippe Zeller was officially published in the Official Journal. The ambassador should take its functions by this summer, says Vatican Radio. This appointment puts an end […]

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A man is going to court to try to be able to renounce French Citizenship to become Breton

Rennes: He Refused French Citizenship to Become a Breton Citizen

CITIZENSHIP: It will be presented to court on Friday … His name is Jonathan and it appears clearly as Breton. On Friday, the young man will go to the district court of Rennes to request the renouncement of his French nationality.  The young man would be installed in Belfort, according to France Bleu Breizh Izel who […]

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Labour law:  Major Protests throughout France 1

Labour law: Major Protests throughout France

Mobilizing the call of unions opposed to the Labour law started in the morning, with schools closed in Paris and blockages reported in Rennes and Nantes. The CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, the UNEF, the UNL and Fidl have called for demonstrations against the labour law throughout France, the fifth of national and unitary mobilization day in […]

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