NASA has released ISS filmed the west of France and Europe in ultra high definition.

NASA Filmed the West of France and Europe in Ultra High Definition

You have three minutes? Want to visit Europe? So climb aboard the International Space Station and enjoy the show, filmed in high definition by NASA. The ISS, International Space Station or, you know, now. It was the home of the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet for more than six months. And the scientist from Normandy took a number of shots, photos […]

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Five departments in the Southwest on Orange Alert

Thunderstorms: Five Departments in Southwest on Orange Alert

WEATHER: The Dordogne, Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Pyrénées-Atlantiques are the departments on Thunderstorm orange alert … Five departments Southwest remained orange alert for thunderstorms late Tuesday afternoon, announced Meteo France which raised however in Normandy alert which concerned Eure and Seine-Maritime. ⚠️ 7 départements en #VigilanceOrange #Orages Restez informés ▶ & @VigiMeteoFrance — Météo-France (@meteofrance) July […]

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Heatwave weather is expected Tuesday, with up to 38 degrees forecast

Weather: A New Heatwave Expected Tuesday with Temperatures up to 38 ° C

WEATHER is expected between 30 and 35 ° C on the northern half of the country from 34 to 38 ° C in the southwest and between 32 and 36 ° C is the center … The scorching temperatures are back! Another episode of high temperatures is indeed expected on Tuesday, warns Météo France. The temperature may rise to […]

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86,000 police and gendarmes will protecting Bastille Day events on the 14th July

14th July: As many as 86,000 Police and Gendarmes Mobilized in France

SAFETY: Balls and popular events will be monitored, as well as the “high traffic” tourist areas … Their mission, ensuring the safety of French and tourists participating in the Bastille Day festivities.  Nearly 86,000 police and gendarmes and 7,000 soldiers of the Sentinel operation and 44,000 firefighters will be mobilized on the 13th and 14th July. […]

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Seven departments have been placed on Orange Alert for storms

Weather: Seven Departments Placed on Orange Alert for Storms

WEATHER: These storms are many, with strong electrical activity, warns Meteo France … Seven departments is center of the country were placed in orange alert for storms, according to the latest bulletin from Meteo France, published this Monday at 5pm. 7 départements du Centre-Est sont placés en #VigilanceOrange pour la soirée – risque de forts #orages avec […]

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The French army starts receiving the HK 416 German

The French Army Discover the “Made in Germany” Weapon

The shooters follow one another, sharp and dry, under a blazing sun. For two days, the soldiers of the French army are training to handle their new weapon, an assault rifle not made in France. The uniforms, the helmets, the decor is French. Standing or lying down, troops adjust their weapon and fire bursts at targets at […]

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Meteo France has placed 17 departments on Orange Alert for thunderstorms and rain

Thunderstorms: Seventeen Departments Placed on Orange Alert

WEATHER: Seventeen departments, from the Ile-de-France to Corrèze, have been placed on Orange Alert and are affected by this stormy episode … Météo-France  extends its call for vigilance. The agency placed the seventeen departments in orange alert Sunday due to strong thunderstorms expected in the evening and at night. The departments concerned are Paris and the inner suburbs, Yvelines, Seine-et-Marne, […]

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Emmanuel Macron announces new climate summit at the G20

G20: Macron Announces New Climate Summit for 12th December

DIPLOMACY: Emmanuel Macron has not lost hope to “convince” his US counterpart Donald Trump to reinstate the agreement … It will take place two years to the day after the Paris Agreement. Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday he would meet on the 12th December, a “top step” in the fight against global warming. He also said not to have lost […]

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Agnès Buzyn in Paris on 5 July 2017, at a press conference on vaccination and vaccines in France

Vaccines: Agnès Buzyn Regrets the “Mistrust Rooted in the Population”

In the debate on compulsory vaccination, the health minister called for “trust” in vaccines. The Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn on Saturday called to have “confidence in vaccines”, lambasting hostile parents to this type of medication for their children in full controversy over the vaccination. “The vaccines, it works, it works, it saved hundreds of millions of […]

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A Orange alert weather alert has been issued for a Heatwave

Weather: Eight Departments on Heatwave Alert

ALERT: This Friday the weather will be particularly hot in the southern two thirds of the country, according to forecasts from Meteo France … IT will be very hot on Friday for the southern two-thirds of the country, according to forecasts from Meteo France. In the Northeast, Lorraine to Alsace to the north of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, the […]

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