In Brittany, a Belgian jet fighter crashes in Morbihan

Brittany: Belgian Jet Fighter crashes in Morbihan

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Thursday 19th September 2019 around 10.30am, a Belgian fighter jet crashed in Pluvigner (Morbihan). It is still unknown if there are victims.

A Belgian jet fighter crashed around Pluvigner (Morbihan) at a place called Le Poteau, we learned from our colleagues in Ouest-France. The accident took place around 10.30am this Thursday 19th September 2019 .

Crash whilst on an exercise

The crash of this F16 aircraft occurred while it was on an exercise. On Twitter, the Belgian Air Force indicates that the pilots have left the plane by ejecting, without specifying if there are victims.

Firefighters are currently on site. Several planes would fly over the area.

More information to come.

Brittany: Belgian Jet Fighter crashes in Morbihan 1

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