Pension Reform: After FO, the CGT in the Streets

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Pension reform: after FO, the CGT in the street

After the liberal professions or the RATP, the CGT calls to protest this Tuesday 24th September 2019, against the pension reform. Disturbances are expected at SNCF.

After lawyers, doctors, pilots, nurses, the RATP or Force Ouvrière (FO), it is the turn of the CGT to march Tuesday 24th September 2019 throughout France against the future pension reform, for which the government takes now his time.

In solidarity, the FSU and Unsa-Ferroviaire joined the call to demonstrate launched in mid-July by the CGT at the time of submission of the report of High Commissioner Jean-Paul Delevoye, who has since become a member of the government.

In Paris, the demonstration will be held between the Republic Square and the Nation Square, with the reinforcement of youth organizations Unef and UNL. Also opposed to the reform, Force Ouvrière gathered several thousand people on Saturday.

“We make the first mobilization, there will be others,” promised last week Philippe Martinez, the Secretary-General of the CGT. As we asked him if the executive temporized, Philippe Martinez exclaimed:

Oh, they are scared! 

Emmanuel Macron recently explained that we should “make choices. We will have discussions on the professions for which there are special diets “, but” maybe it will take more time. We must not close anything, do not close anything too soon. ”

The government plans to pass the bill that will define the new universal system by July 2020, after a new citizen consultation. The reform plans to merge the 42 existing schemes into a single point system by 2025.

The President of the Republic will participate Thursday in Rodez to a debate on this theme, with 500 readers of the press group La Dépêche.

Re-elected general secretary of the CGT in May, Philippe Martinez recently was moved not to be received by the head of state, unlike other organizations like CFDT and Unsa. But he has since “received an email” and an appointment is in the pipes, he said.

“Complicated to have an influence”

At the beginning of September, however, he acknowledged that it would be “difficult for him to have an influence” on this reform and had warned that he did not like “losing (his) time”, after an interview with the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe.

The problem remains the same: “The goal of the government is to save money and make us work longer.” And the debate he had with the high commissioner during the Huma party – the latter received a few boos – did not change his mind.

The chief mediator of the reform, the former mediator of the Republic and former Chiraqian Jean-Paul Develoye promised that there would be “individual simulators between 2020 and 2025” so that everyone can assess the effects of the reform.

Responding to a question about the discontent of lawyers who have also taken to the streets, Jean-Paul Delevoye assured Monday to have “a solution for each profession.”

“They will remove the special schemes but they will recreate others …”, predicted without laughing a negotiator.

Nearly 150 mobilizations in France

Nearly 150 mobilizations are planned everywhere in France on Tuesday, under a broad slogan common to the latest mobilizations: “Employment, wages, public services, pensions: stop the social regression! “.

Some disturbances are programmed at the SNCF, little on the TGV. Two out of five Intercity trains, three out of five TER and one out of two Transilien will fly on average Tuesday, according to management.

And after ? Hard to say if there will be in a few weeks a joint mobilization with FO, which is not planned at the moment.

Does FO talk to the CGT? Yes, they say on both sides. “We will need to bring together a unit of union action if we want to win, we know it, and it is in this sense that we work today,” said Secretary General Yves Veyrier on Saturday.

The unions of the RATP, which managed a massive strike on September 13, as had not been since 2007, prepare them for a new mobilization from December 5.

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