Recall: Organic Sarrasin Flour Containing a Very Toxic Plant

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Recall of Sarrasin flour containing a Toxic Plant

Packets of organic Sarrasin flour of the brand “Ma vie sans gluten” have just been recalled. These products are contaminated by Datura, a wild plant that can cause hepatic, nervous and blood disorders more or less serious.

Be careful if you recently bought sarrasin flour from the brand “Ma Vie without gluten”. On September 18th, 2019, the recall site Oulah! announced the recall of this batch of flour due to the presence of Datura.

Organic buckwheat flour removed from sale

The brand “My gluten-free life” recalls packets of 500 grams of organic sarrasin flour. As indicated by the Fraud Repression, these products are potentially contaminated by Datura, a wild plant known for its high content of alkaloids toxic to humans (atropine and scopolamine).

To identify these products, here are some additional information to consider:

  • Lot : SARB020619TNB/25940
  • DDM: 06/2020

The brand invites susceptible persons who hold this lot not to consume it, to destroy it or to bring it back to the point of sale in order to be reimbursed.

In case of doubt, you can also reach the customer service of the company at the following number: or by email: [email protected]

Datura: a plant that is very toxic to humans

Datura is a herbaceous plant that grows in fields and contains alkaloids in seeds. Although these substances are used in pharmacology for their therapeutic properties, they can be toxic, especially since very small quantities are enough to trigger intoxication.

The best known in Europe is the Datura Stramonium, also called “trumpet of angels” or “thorny apple”, which measures between 30 cm and 2 meters high and grows in uncultivated land as well as in orchards and vineyards.

As the risk of contamination of buckwheat is known by the producers, they implement preventive measures to eliminate the Datura plants in the cultivated plots. However, since buckwheat and Datura seeds are the same size, it is not always possible to separate them by mill sieving.

The risk threshold is estimated at one Datura seed per 10,000 buckwheat seeds.

If ingested, Datura can cause liver, nervous and blood disorders more or less serious. The symptoms range from dry mouth, the dilated pupils, through the blurred vision, tachycardia, agitation, confusion, a Spatio-temporal disorientation, and even hallucinations.

People who recognize these symptoms and think that they have eaten the Datura unexpectedly are invited to call Samu by dialing 15 or to consult their doctor quickly.

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