Coronavirus: The French Government “Very Reluctant” to Set Up a Vaccine Passport

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According to the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, France is opposed to the establishment of a vaccine passport.

VACCINE: For the Secretary of State for European Affairs, the debate is “premature” on a vaccine passport

The debate is “premature”, said the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune this Sunday morning. Guest of France Info, he explained that France was “reluctant” to the establishment of a community vaccine passport, believing that the issue should not be on the menu of the European Council next week, according to Clément Beaune. “We are very reluctant”, he declared: “If we are talking about a piece of paper, a document which authorizes you to travel to Europe, I believe it is very premature”.

Wait for the generalization of the vaccine

“It is a debate which does not need to be and it would be shocking, whereas one still starts everywhere this campaign of vaccination in Europe, that there are more important rights for some than for others. This is not our conception of protection and access to vaccines ”.

The head of the Greek government called on the European Union on Tuesday to adopt a “standardized” vaccination certificate to give a boost to the tourism industry, devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

An idea to which the European Commission is favourable, according to its president, Ursula von der Leyen, speaking of a “medical imperative”, unlike the World Health Organization (WHO), which declared itself there. opposite “for the moment” on a planetary scale.

“It’s an idea (…) on which France considers that we should not open the debate now. When access to the vaccine is generalized, it will be a different subject, ”Clément Beaune insisted.

The case of frontier workers

The minister also mentioned the situation of frontier workers – 350,000 French according to him. “We plan to strengthen control measures within the European area,” he said, assuring that there would be no closure of the borders of the Schengen area.
“We also check the type of tests that we may require,” he added. “We are considering a list of antigenic tests that would be recognized throughout Europe. Today this is not yet the case ”.

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