SNCF announce no TER trains between Bordeaux and Angouleme due to work on both tracks

SNCF: No TER Between Bordeaux and Angouleme this Weekend

TRAVEL: SNCF has announced that due to work on both tracks, there will be no TER trains between Bordeaux and Angouleme over the weekend Due to work on both tracks in Montmoreau station,TER rail traffic will be interrupted between Bordeaux and Angouleme. And this, from this Saturday, at 1 am, until Monday 11th November, at 9 […]

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Designed for polar navigation, the RCGS Resolute is the ideal vessel for exploring ice-filled fjords around Chilie

Navigation in the Frozen Meanders of Patagonia

Vacation with Adventure: To Southern Chile, the Fjords labyrinth reserves its wild beauty for exploration boats There are not many unexplored places in the world anymore. Among these rarely preserved territories, Chilean Patagonia still acts as the ultimate frontier. Dogged by millennia-old ice, scratched by raging winds and gnawed by torrential rains, the “Magellanes” are a myth for all lovers […]

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UK officials help Thomas Cook customers at Cancun airport in Mexico on September 23, 2019.

Thomas Cook: Repatriated Tourists, Accused Leaders

In the United Kingdom, at the headquarters of the bankrupt tour operator, Thomas Cook, controversy swells over the huge salaries received by the leaders of the group. The authorities repatriated thousands of tourists affected by the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook on some 600,000 people on holidays around the world, while in the UK the controversy swelled on […]

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Tickets from 39 euros one way are available from Wednesday, March 14 with the company HOP!

HOP! Air France Launches Tickets from 39 Euros for Spring and Summer Holidays

From the 14th to 20th March, 2018, HOP! sells cheap tickets to many destinations from all over France for trips until the end of August Spring is coming … and the desires for a change of scenery too! HOP!, The regional airline of Air France, will market 360,000 seats from 39 euros one way, from airports all over […]

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An important promotion for Eurostar tickets between Lille and London has been launched.

Thousands of Eurostar Lille-London Tickets at 39 Euros

A flash sale was launched by Eurostar: 65,600 discount tickets. Travels from Lille (Nord) to London for 39 euros. Eurostar has just launched a large flash sale of more than 65,000 tickets for London from 39 euros. A promo that concerns departures (and returns) from the station LIlle Europe. But be careful, as often in such cases, there are conditions to benefit from it. […]

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Bus driver got lost and deserted the passengers and the bus

Bus Paris-Nantes: The Driver Loses It and Abandons its Passengers on the Roadside

NERVOUS BREAKDOWN: Having got lost, he “deserted the bus” … t is a journey that they are not likely to forget. Passengers left Paris on Friday to reach the west of France by bus OUIBUS (subsidiary of SNCF ) were surprised to see their driver take to their heels in the Paris suburbs, reports The Western Mail . Three hours late arrival Despite his […]

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The EU is to abolish visas for the Ukraine and Georgia

EU to abolish Visas for Ukraine and Georgia

Ukrainian and Georgian citizens will soon no longer need visas to travel to Europe. The European Union (EU) will soon proceed, as she had promised, to the abolition of visas for Ukrainian and Georgian nationals wishing to visit Europe. EU member states and the European Parliament reached on the night of Wednesday to Thursday a […]

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Three routes per week will be provided to Lyon from Angers Airport

Angers: A new service to Lyon via Châteauroux

The airline SkyTaxi, operating under the brand IG Jet is launching a new service to Lyon, from the airport at Angers, via Châteauroux … “It is being finalized,” says Jean-Pierre Stagnaro, Director of the Airport Angers-Marce. Without more details. Three routes The airline, she is more eloquent. The first flight is scheduled for the 3rd […]

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The Orient Express will be in Bordeaux to serve diners in the restored luxury cars

Bordeaux: Step on the Orient-Express in July with Dinner on Board

The legendary train will be present in Bordeaux from 20th to 30th July, with menus concocted by chefs Yannick Alléno and Yann Couvreur … Dinners orchestrated by leaders Alléno Yannick and Yann Couvreur will be served from May in two cars restored from the mythical train Orient Express, in Cannes, Paris and Bordeaux. The menu, designed […]

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