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So you want to start working at home ? Now this isn’t a get rich quick scheme and to be honest, you will start out making a small amount. But with some extra effort and hard work, it can eventually turn into a nice income.

It probably won’t replace your normal day job, although it might provide that little bit extra towards a special event, holiday or just to make up the shortfall in these difficult times.

The First thing that you need to do is to sign up at the following sites below.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

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The new revolution in PTC has arrived!

Now that you have joined these four, there are more, but it’s better if we start off slowly, you just Login to each one, click on an advertisement, wait 30 Seconds, and then move onto the next Advert.

You can only have one advert open at a time per site, but you can do all four sites at the same time in different Tabs.

Now you probarly have noticed that from these four sites that you have earned less than 50 cents, don’t worry about this at the moment , although this is a small amount, the real money comes from referrals, but you only earn from the referrals if you click everday.

So what is this referral? A referral is someone you get to join on one of these sites under you. You earn a percentage, normally half of everything they do if you refer someone. To refer someone, you need to sign in to your account, and you will then find a referral link, which is unique to you, and it is this link that you give to family and friends, or antwhere else where you think someone will be interested in joining.

Once you have managed to obtain a fair number of referrals you can make a decent amount of money and it still only takes minutes a day.

In the next Part, I will cover the process of how to get referrals, so in the meantime, continue clicking and start earning some money.

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