Murder Alexia: The Young Woman was Strangled but not Raped, Confirm Autopsy

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Alexia Daval, jogger 29 years found murdered

INVESTIGATION: The results of the autopsy allow investigators to focus on the reasons of the murder which still remain unclear …

Alexia Daval , the young woman found dead Monday near Gray, in Haute-Saône, was strangled, but would not have been raped, Has said a source this Saturday close to the case on the eve of an organized march by his family to honor her.

The results of the autopsy performed Thursday on her charred body have established death by strangulation, but according to initial findings, the young woman was not raped, the source said. The prosecutor of Besançon, Edwige Roux-Morizot, contacted by Agence France Presse, has not confirmed that information. The magistrate will hold a press conference on Monday at 11 am at the court of Besancon.

Many questions are still unanswered

The autopsy results allow investigators to eliminate some tracks, such as an accident, and to focus on the homicide, the reasons remain unclear. “We know the causes of death of Alexia, but further tests are needed to know more about it,” explained Friday Edwige Roux-Morizot.

“Full of clues have been collected” and “autopsy concluded a number of interesting elements to the investigation” had told the judge. But no suspect had been identified by Friday evening. Many questions are still unanswered. Did Alexia Daval know her attacker? Where was she killed and when? Did she take a different path, than her usual route ?

A call for witnesses was launched Wednesday by the prosecutor. He invited to “report suspicious is found, around Gray and Forest Velet-Esmoulin during the weekend of October 28th and 29th, which may result in a report to the police the dedicated number: 03 84 65 11 “45.

A silent march in Gray, Sunday at 11 am

The young woman was taking a run last Saturday, when her husband alerted the police after her not returning, and had no news after several hours. The body was found on Monday, burnt and hidden under leaves in a wood near the route usually taken for its jogging . The body was “deliberately burned by the offender,” said the prosecutor had Vesoul Emmanuel Dupic at a press briefing after the discovery of the body.

The murder of the young woman shocked the town of 5,000 inhabitants of Gray, but also everywhere in France. Her family invited a silent march on Sunday at 11am in Gray to honor her. The family rallied and supports the husband of Alexia. The young man, a  computer specialist, participated on Saturday at a jog in tribute to Alexia Daval on part of the way she used to borrow.

“It was the favourite activity of my daughter and I encourage everyone to run. (…) We should not have the right to take away this freedom, “said Isabelle Follower mother Alexia Daval, at the rally.

Mayor of Gray, Christopher Laurengot, hope that the culprit will be arrested soon. He repeatedly asked his constituents “not to enter into a psychosis,” but he also advised them “not out (walking or jogging them) alone.”

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