SpaceX to send tourists to International Space Station

SpaceX to Send Tourists to International Space Station

From 2021, lucky people, for the sum of several tens of millions of euros, will be able to make a space flight. It hasn’t happened since 2009. The American space company SpaceX announced Thursday 5th March 2020 a partnership intended to send next year three tourists to the International Space Station (ISS). Which has not been done for over ten […]

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500 hotels in Spain could close due to the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook

Bankruptcy of Thomas Cook: 500 Hotels “Will Close Immediately” in Spain, According to the Employers

TOURISM: Of these 500 hotels, 100 depended exclusively on Thomas Cook, who went bankrupt on 23rd September The bankruptcy of the British tour operator Thomas Cook could have disastrous consequences for the tourism sector in Spain. According to Juan Molas, president of the Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation, 500 hotels “will close immediately”. “The situation could […]

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After a gloomy start to the year, tourists return to France

Tourism in France: Attendance Up After a Gloomy Start to the Year due to “Yellow Vests”

REBOUND: Tourist attendance across France has increased, all types of accommodation combined, both thanks to foreign customers and that of the French Tourist attendance rebounded in the second quarter in France, all types of accommodation combined, after a decline early in the year related to the social movement of ” yellow vests  “, which had particularly affected the Ile-de-France, according to the […]

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With the long weekends and the sun, tourists flocked to Normandy.

The Sun Attracts Tourists in Normandy

In Normandy, the weather was nice in May. It got greyer in June. As a result, tourists followed the sun, and May was more favourable for tourism than June. The sun and bridges attracted tourists to our region in May. 50% of tourism professionals in Normandy considered good attendance in May and 39% estimate an increase in attendance compared […]

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Toulouse breaks tourism records for 2017

Toulouse: Higher Tourism Attendance Records in 2017

With 2,182,974 visitors in 2017, museums and tourist sites displayed a 13.7% increase compared to 2016. Site by site, here is the evolution of the visitor traffic in Toulouse. It’s called an insolent growth. The year 2017 indeed confirms the attractiveness and vitality of museumsand sights of Toulouse, who hosted last year nearly 2.2 million visitors. 2,182,974, exactly. 13.7% increase over one year On […]

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The tourist season in 2017 was marked by the return of international tourists to the Pays de la Loire

Pays de la Loire: Foreign Tourists have Returned this Summer

The summer 2017 saw the return of foreign tourists to the region (+ 11.5% compared to 2016), according to figures released by INSEE and the Regional Agency of the Pays de la Loire this Friday. INSEE, in collaboration with the Regional Agency of the Pays de la Loire, just published figures in tourism of summer […]

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Ski resorts are enjoying the early snowfalls

The Ski Resorts are Enjoying the Early Arrival of Snow

Snowfall that has fell recently has already enabled many ski resorts to open part of their ski area … The falling snow that recently fell in massive quantities have already enabled several stations to open part of their ski area, just days before the official start of a season that professionals expect fruitful. November 11, Porte-Puymorens (Pyrénées-Orientales) was the […]

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In the centre of Châteaubriant is an information interactive screen

Châteaubriant: New Information Terminal Installed

New this summer, an interactive information terminal installed in the centre of Châteaubriant at Place de la Motte An interactive information terminal has been newly installed this Friday 7th July at Place de la Motte, near to rue Porte Neuve, and is at the disposal of residents and tourists. This installation allows to present the […]

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Signs of recovery in Calais

Calais: Signs of Recovery for Tourism and Economic Activity

ECONOMY: A shudder that remains fragile due to the return of migratory pressure … In the tourism sector and economic activity are showing signs of recovery in Calais, an improvement that could be tarnished however by the return of migratory pressure observed recently. Since the break in October of the “Jungle”, business is gradually distributed to the trade […]

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